Will there be a time where I could walk back and back out? I really didn't want to lead this hardship. Yes, everyone said " tough time don't last, but tough people do" , but what if the tough people died half way through the tough time, feeling demotivated during those times?

My life now is way too much for me to handle. With 50% of the workload and I only started for 4 months. I would not say I'm those people who take their own sweet time to do stuff, but workload piled up without noticing. Everything is so last minute, and everything is collapsing on me.

With school exam approaching, I couldn't imagine when my exams are here. How I could die, as everything is already collapsing. Everything felt endless, and friends always ask why am I so busy? Because I always wanted to do things well, both work and studies, and everything has high demands.

Sometime, I wish that I'm not someone who overthink, over analysis, and not aim to balance everything well. Sometimes, I just hope time will stop, and I could do everything once shot without rushing for deadlines.

In marketing department, everything seems like rushing and last minute. My heart has been heavy every since last week. Feel breathless, and PMS-ing.

How I wish everything will just stop, or time will fly without me suffering. Workload is killing me outside-in, politics is killing me inside-out.