Whisk and paddle

Hello every human being that is still visiting this website ! I am currently living like a princess where I no longer busy but I have no energy to do a lot of things either~

Anyway, always wanted to revive my food column in my blog !! So here is it ! Before the New Year, we managed to have some cafe hopping and always wanted to visit the punggol park (or waterfront, or whatever it is called. Cause I'm not a punggol person ya) !

Here is my short review with it's pizza and drink ! They have two types of menu, so mine would be weekend menu (4pm onwards). The kitchen will be closed from 2:45pm to 4pm, so make sure u don't head there and grumpyoldperson later !

This drink is pretty necessary when you reach there at like 4pm? The weather is so warm, it doesn't just melt olah O.O 

This drink is pretty simply, I couldn't find the name for it? Not sure is it my memory has failed on me or what. But I remember it has lychee and this is mainly strawberry drink with ice. With the mint it gives a more refreshing taste to it :) ! 

Pull Pork Pizza ($18.80)

Alway craving for pizzzzza ! I don't really think that their pull pork is BBQ for 5hours, as it doesn't taste like it. The whole pizza is pretty filled with the pull pork and some other ingredient like the onion, bell pepper, chilli padi and fried garlic. 

We mention to have lesser chilli padi, and it taste awesome. A little spicy with savoury, and the pork taste pretty great with the mozzarella cheese as well ! The crust has the right thickness, it is like 40% crust - 60% ingredients, to make you feel the pizza is more worthy ! 

Overall, it was a great getaway from the usual city location and everywhere seemed soooo great to take #OOTD ! 


Their address:
10 Tebing Lane, 828836

Or you could take MRT to Punggol then take bus there !