How to set a new year resolution !

Hey peeps ! Happy New Year ! Hope everyone will be in great health and positive mindset for this new chapter of 266 pages !

New year = New Resolution ! 
If you managed to read my blog since last year, you will notice that I wrote down new year resolution every year and this post will also give u some advice on how to set a new year resolution !

There are some pointers how I usually set mine, not really a guide but some things to bear in mind! 

1. Don't mean long list = Good

If you notice, my resolution is always lesser than 10 pointer. I sincerely think that you don't need a long list to make you feel panicky, but some achievable ones will be great. Personally, I feel that resolution is like a kickstart to what you always wanted to do, and from there onwards, you will be motivated to do it continuously.

2. Be as specific as possible

99% of the people who set "be healthy" as their new year resolution, but does going gym in 1st Jan and not any other days being healthy? So instead of write "be healthy", perhaps writing "heading to gym once every week" will serve better purpose, and it will encourage yourself to go gym more, or at least once a week.

3. Always review your resolution

What's the point of writing a resolution, without looking whether you complete it or not? Usually I will look back around June or August to see if they are done, if not, obviously kick myself to start those today ! Yes, a resolution, is something you need to start NOW, not writing it down and simply waiting for the fruit to grow, it doesn't work that way anymore.

So now here are mineee !

1. Be a good editor; or able to create content 

In the year 2015, I was always struggling with my bad command of English. In year 2016, I want need to change due to my work, and I don't want to depend on my colleague anymore. Not saying they ain't good, but they are too good to give me many chances to improve, and helping me along the way. Feel so blessed to be in my marketing family *heart-shape girl emoji*

Also, no more careless mistake and of course be more organised, if this package could come in handy as well ! More productive too ! 

2. Plan. Plan. Plan. And no more fail in modules ! 

Every year, new plans. Like what I said, I have clear plan for my work, not really the details but rough plan. Also, plans for blogging. But not for study *deng*, but I will really, set a day to revise and be a hardworking kid in my life ! *Fighting* ! 

3. Renovate my room ! 

For this, I have a super clear plan of what I want now ! Muhahahs ! I need to paint my room white, which I think my dad will kill me. Also, change a table, and my room will be so clean and bright ! I thought of the white and woody theme and grid, which I saw on a Instagram ! Damn pretty ! 

A place to study, be beautiful and of course, SLEEP WELL ! Omg, hating my seahorse brand bed now ! It's so damn hard ! 

4. Have a positive mindset ! 

Stop complaining so much, I should really REALLY make a point to this. I always complaint and something happened to make me realise how much people actually care about me, and think for me. Why should I always think otherwise? Now after that incident, I feel the future is a little darker, that why I needa positive mindset ! Shall start jotting down all those good incidents happen in 2016 and of course to start end of this year.


Share with me what's your 2016 resolution ! Been asking my sister about that, LOL.