We Are Furballs

“Why you look at me like that? If you have no food I won’t be here alright”

Hey Guys! My very first experience with a pet café or should I say, an area with a few dogs for the lonely souls? Hahahs ! Anyway, the experience was just so-so.

We are furballs is located at Bugis Plus Lv 7, it was quite pleasant that the ladies would explain all the dogs’ name and what are their breed, with a poster explaining about their character. Also, it was quite affordable consider only $10.90++ for 2hours slacking and chilling inside there. With TV and board games (but if I’m not wrong, the board game would require extra payment).


However, all the dogs will only come to you when you have food that is how realistic the society is! All of them are like super-duper hungry and would do all the tricks even before you ask them to. Being attractive af (only to dogs), they would just sit on my lap waiting for food, otherwise they would find other target to eat up all the titbits.


One packet of the titbit cost about $3, and it was only a handful and dafaq, it is just normal pet food. That’s why I said they like didn’t even feed them, worst is that, I never see them having a place to drink water inside the area. Poor dogs. Some of them are really well-behaved, like the sausage dog on my lap!! *loved*

Overall, the experience was just meh, I rather go to my friend’s house to play with their dog, and you still able to sit on sofa and chill with the dogs.