Sport Museum of Singapore athletes!

Hi There!

Visited the Sports museum pretty long time ago, but I guess it won’t be outdated right?! Also, it was pretty cool to see how Singapore sport industry gradually improving. Being an athlete *ahem* I would love to see more about the sports of Singapore.

When I visited the sport museum, it was during the period where Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away, and reading so many things that was officially declared by him and his speak, really make you feel that without him, what will Singapore become?

Always remembered this place, where I had my very first chance to watch National Parade, during Primary 5! Kids these days will never know how cool it is to walk under there but also it was chaotic! 

A dream venue for everyone to chase their dream, have you fulfil the dream you always dream of? Chase it today, because tomorrow will never come J

Was really an honour that I could attend both AYG (Asian Youth Games) and YOG (Youth Olympic Games) when it's happening in Singapore ! Still have some of the badges in my collection box ! 


Anyway, it has another cycling exhibition, I doubt it is an museum. It also sell some parts of the bikes ! If i'm not wrong, as there is a counter ! 

You would know how long that was taken, when I no longer own that shoes ! LOL

It is located at the stadium MRT station, it was so pleasant to see all the beautiful sight, how this place actually transform. Yes, I came here countless of times before as I always get to see matches in the stadium, it was only kallang mrt station then. It has nothing but now it has everything, including the new mall !