Tonkichi - Orchard Central

Hello my nommiess, yes it's Monday~ ! I have been eating so well these days, thanks to food testing for the upcoming festive season !! Yes, marketing plan way ahead to bring joy in everyone's life ! 

Okay, so hit back on the road to this Pork Katsu Set, which is sooooo sinful to have it ! Oh.My.God.

This is really a huge piece of pork katsu, and it was pretty affordable, if I'm not wrong, an average check of $20 nett per person. 

It was really crispy and mine has cheesy inside the pork katsu, which means it even more sinful. It went from crispy to a little hard and followed by the tender pork meat with the cheese inside it. Apparently, with much cheese inside the pork katsu, somehow I didn't get sick of having it. It came in a set, with usual miso soup and white pearl rice. 

With my brace teeth, I find it pretty tough to bite the one without the cheese as the whole katsu became pretty tough to bite through. But I guess, if you have the normal set of teeth (like my sister), you most probably enjoying that piece of meat. 

Personally, still loving the one with the creamy cheeeeese ! 

 The whole environment was pretty good, just that the staffs are always walking around and notice if you have finished the food, so they could serve you fruits to have them, LOL !

Giving it an overall of 8/10? As the whole environment do have the Japan feel, and the Pork Katsu is definitely not to be missed