Laneige two-tone lip & eyeshadow bar

Hellllo Humans ! Sooo~ This was taken really quite some time back, but I have decided to blog it out before I have any time to even edit the beauty vlog video I took in Japan ! *Ps, this was taken even before Japan trip.

So let's begin~~ 

If you know me well, I usually put lipstick and draw my brows then head out ! So lipstick is pretty important to me, I have always always wanted to do like the ombre lip style, and gotten an orange one without the lip concealer which failed me badly. but this Laneige two-tone lip bar, don't require any lip concealer !

I like to have the colour darker on the inner lips as compared to the outer one. The yellow colour helps to lighten the original lip colour, leaving the inner lip a more vibrant colour ! 

It does drop off when eating, but a part of it will still stay there. Not really cakey type, but the colour dropped off and become a lighter shade overall. Still loving it~ 

The exact same way how I apply my lipstick, I apply this eyeshadow bar ! I didn't use eyeshadow before until I have this ! As I can't really weight how much I need to use for some side or whatsoever. Thus, I don't think eye shadow is important to me. but with this, I just glide it over my eyelid twice, and tata !

Also, I put slightly more in the middle of my eyelid and pat it inward and outward. I have forgotten which channel I hear this from, but this makes your eyes looks brighter than usual :) !

Suddenly I find the image I took for this post is ridiculous due to my hair, so I shall post this ! hahahas ! Tata and see you soon my dearest !

Much Love,