SP: Let your eyes shine with Acuvue

Hello buddies ! I guess it’s no secret that everyone knows that I wear contact lenses for
almost 24hours, mainly from 730am to 12am (like I'm wearing it now when I'm writing
the post too! )

I'm so glad to have a chance to collaborate with Sample Store and managed to get my
eyes checked at Optical 88* in Vivo city outlet, and it's damn huge and grand!

In order not to shock you guys, let me just show you one image of my little oxygen deprived

The little red blood vessels shouldn't even touch the pupil, but.. oh well, it's just my lifestyle habits~ To manage the long hours of wearing my contact lens, I decided to go with the lens that keeps up with my demanding days and this brand is definitely not a strange one, it's Acuvue Define!

The 1-Day Acuvue Define! This is the current lens that I love the most and trying to
adapt to it. The lens is so natural compared to my previous lens, thus the differences are really huge.

Also, when I tried the sample lens and went to meet my friend, she was really surprised that I didn't wear any contact lens. That is how natural it is! Here is the before and after, yes, I have an issue of my pupil not touching the bottom of my eyes, and one day Acuvue really help to solve the problem.

With 1-Day Acuvue Define, it really brightens up my eyes, and the best thing is I CAN
WEAR IT EVEN FOR LONGER HOURS! LOL. Okay, I think that is a wrong
educational pointer, but really there is no dryness, and you know that these lenses out rule
any other brands that you will ever wanna try.

My pick is the radiant charm and it lightens my Iris, making it look naturally brown, naturally sparking. For a box of 30 lenses, it is about $64 retail price. But you may download an one time $30 e-voucher here: http://www.acuvue.com.sg/e-voucher to try the lenses out !!

For 4 boxes that you purchased, you will receive a limited edition makeup brush set worth $100 with a $10 Watsons voucher~ ( and I clearly misplace it at home ._. )

The e-voucher can be used for these lenses: Acuvue Oasys 1-Day, Define™, MOIST® for
Astigmatism, MOIST® Brand Multifocal!

Please do comment which is your favourite ACUVUE® Define variant and what other information you would like to know about contact lens of Acuvue!

*This post was created in partnership with Sample Store and ACUVUE®*