Tweekly; Opportunity

Hi guys!

I'm like finally writing on this platform after like zillion years, and I don't want to give empty promises like "I will be updating soon", but rather, keeping the suspense.

2017 has been a rather bumpy journey for me. Dealing with more emotional stress rather than physical ones. Having quite  lots of time to myself since the start of April, and I would say that I have been thinking of different paths for myself.

Even since April, there is a huge changed in my life, I'm able to think what my life ahead will really be. What kind of career I really would like to pursue for and I'm quite lost, in the sense that there are so many doors for me to venture, which fears me at the same time.

I am someone who doesn't like uncertainty, but at the same time, my dreams for my future is ambiguous, which means a step of faith is required. I think my family taught me to be practical, but at the same time, there is a huge risk to be involved in order to be successful. Despite my hate for uncertainty, there is always have a voice in my head saying,"Will you regret not trying it when you're younger?"

If only I removed all the unnecessary negative thoughts about how I think about myself, and preserve through the path ahead, I believe eventually I would work for what I truly loved and have a passion for. But at this moment, I hope that I could be less lost and less confused. I think I just need a little more time to adapt to my current less-hectic lifestyle. As previous with work and studies, I don't have so much time to think and evaluate but right now, I do have such hours and spare.

I'm trapped in my own thoughts, and this too shall pass.