Getting your first Scuba Diving license in 3days

Hello! This is one of the most exciting trips I've been in 2017, okay, basically I have yet to been to anywhere ever since my Korea trip... 😅 But hey, I have gotten a diving license within 3 days, since then I kept telling my friends about it 😃 Perhaps it's boasting about it 😃😒

If you're keen, you could go with the scuba school I went, it's Hybrid Scuba, and my sister found it in the diving expo fair which is like the cheapest~~  Once u paid for the full fee, the max. just bring along RM100 for some snacks if you want to, and its always good to bring some extra cash.

So before heading to Tioman, we need to do the online quiz which is it about a total of 10 sets of quizzes. I've gotten the open water license which could go up to 20m/66ft, that is comforting for people who didn't try any type of diving before. 

It's a week thing, where we did a pool session in Outram Secondary School, which is a dive pool, after which the instructor will assess if you're qualified to head to Tioman. The pool session is at night, so no fear to those who're working!

P.S/ if I can pass that 8 laps of swimming in the pool and almost died out of breath, I'm pretty sure you can do it better than me #notreallywanttobesoencouraging #butit'safact 😗

We set off at Friday night to Malaysia, if you're working near Malaysia, you could meet them at the custom. Otherwise head over to their office and there will be transport all the way to the jetty. It will be around 2-3am when reaching Berjaya Tioman, and the resort was really great! PLEASE DO EAT THEIR PRATA AS BREAKFAST, and thank me later. IT.SO.GOOD.

Saturday and Sunday will be the diving days, and each dive will be 30-45mins. It's all about mind over matter, because the ocean is so peaceful, your mind started wondering with all the dangerous thoughts, and scaring yourself. Just relax and focus on all the sea creatures, and balancing yourself instead of swimming up and down like me for the first 2 dives 😅

We saw so many sea creatures, and the weird things was... we're talking about which are the fishes that are great for cooking while having our lunch and feeding the fishes 😂

I really hope my next dive, we could see jellyfish because me love to see them and me love to eat them more 😀

#cause I have cute baby hair, hee hee.

Do comment if you do have any questions regarding diving, and I hope I could revert back to you. Otherwise, check out the diving website #thisisnotsponsored, but I find them really good.  Hybrid Scuba