Doppelgänger in Wild Wild Wet?!

I found my doppelganger in Wild Wild Wet while heading to take The Woosh! Haven't been to Wild Wild Wet for a good 4 years, and find it really memorable on 4th June 2017.

Wild Wild Wet is always a family orientated place, but with friends, it is equally the fun! They have expanded their water park, and I'm totally in love with The Royal and The Woosh! You may rent unicorn float as well 😍

Continue reading and see how you can get free staycation!

The Woosh has been their new attraction and it is super popular among young kiddos! Because it is a 50m huge inflatable slide, which means it the Singapore’s Longest Inflatable Freestyle Water Slide! 👪

You may slide down as pairs and I found my doppelganger at the slide! 😗

We both joined the #SeeingDoubleSG event on 4th July, among the 144 pairs, hoping to break the world record! Everyone received a free entry on that day 💞 We both had so much fun, especially both the family rides!

If you're dressed in the identical outfits with friends or family into Wild Wild Wet, from 4th June to 31st July 2017, you may receive special promotions!! 👯

With only special promotions, it isn't enough right 🙊 But the fact is!!! WILD WILD WET IS HAVING A CONTEST TO WIN A STAYCATION AT D'RESORT!!

I have been there for my friend's birthday party, and it really feels more like a hotel more than a chalet, it's soo cosy!

OMG, I realise I didn't mention it but DownTown East has renovated so so much! Everything looks so new so you may check it out here! Especially the food around this area. Also, staying for half a day will be good enough, unless you have really small kids who have tonnes of energy! heehes!

Lastly, I have to thank the Sample Store for packing a care packaging for us! Really love using the conditioner and the sunblock, otherwise, we might just be cooked like sardines! Hoped you have fun and don't forget to tag @downtowneast and #SeeingDoubleSG