The dope locations for the Seoul-gram

Hey Cool kids, what’s up! If you read the header, it's obviously images for your Instagram, and I realised most of my poses are pretty swag, thus this post. ☝

Ewa University:

It is gorgeous to take images near the Ewa university's church, as the sunset was on point with all the casted shadows that help to make the image slightly cooler, and I chose a filter that makes the images slightly rustic. There are quite a number of areas, such as the pathway of the university, which is common for people to shot as it has the big concrete pathway with you being the focus.

Common Ground

Common ground is only common when everyone took with the wording. But to be dope, we shall do the yolo stuff. I’m totally in love with the first image, the one where I place my hands and legs out because... #swag. Hahahas. It was really a rare shot as they stated that it’s not allowed, but there isn’t anyone watching #justsaying #doatyourownrisk.

In love with the car park shot too, I mean, where will there be car park slot that looks so dope. If you own a decent enough camera, I would suggest you to go at night for cool images. Definitely daytime make the best images as well! 

Itaewon Holla Café

The Holla in Itaewon was the best discovery I’ve made! It has 4 levels and the top was a rooftop! During my visit, it was the best spot for an image, as there was no one around, and it just feels that you own the rooftop. There is a smoking area that looks good for photo too, but you need to have someone to take the image for you ya

Blind Alley

If your IG has yoga, beach and animals, then this café is not to be missed! It is a racoon café where the interaction with the racoon was on point! All you have to do is to purchase a coffee and the entry to the racoon corner, and they will supply the food for the racoon as well! I must say that this is so much better than other pet’s café where you need to purchase to feed the animal!

Wall Mural Village 

Exercise a little and the reward to more spot for images! I’ve yet to post the one with the deer, but I bet everyone seen the seated image. That was done at your own risk as well, but there aren't many people watching in the early morning of 1st Jan 2017, 7 am. Also, I believe they’re afraid you must fall the other side and just died. LOL.

So these are some of the recommended areas for your Instagram, do comment and let me know the other areas, and I will love to explore as I might head back to Korea for more venture! Still loving odeng!!