Stress? Acne outbreak? Try this!

Hey guys! Have u guys ever have a big date or event coming up, and your pimples also decided to join the fun? 💔 Or a constant pimple that is always there to follow you thick and thin of your life? 

Now you don't have to skip those events or apply thick makeup because I'm going to show you my holy grid item when it comes to skincare! 😍

Hiruscar is known for taking care of both the acne and the scar of it. Recently I have a huge acne on the side of my cheek and it makes me feel slightly insecure because I don't usually put a thick layer of concealer or foundation while heading to work. So I started trying these out! 

First up, cleaner. You guys have already know that I do have my constant cleaner. But I like to switch things up whenever my face isn't in its usual condition. So I will use the anti-acne pore purifying cleaner. As acne is often the causes of clogged pores, thus, reaching to its base is like 🔥burning🔥 the house of your enemies 😈😂

After which, I will make sure my face is clean and apply some serum. The serum is to help the improvement of absorbing of the next product, and this provides moisture to yet face as well! Moisture is very image as it reduces the excessive sebum that leads to acne party.

Lastly, placing my holy grid item, which is the pimple gel! If I have any massive breakouts, I will just place this pimple gel, which is handy to even place inside your bag!
The gel is transparent, thus, it will be great even putting it before heading out!

Mine pops with a small squeeze after a day, with tons of blood along with it. I kid you not. And continue to apply it for a week to reduce the scar as it contains vitamin C, which also reduces the dark spot!

Usually, it helps to anti-inflammation and reduce the acne by itself without drying the pimple that might lead to a scar or a hard bump BOO 😟😟

You can purchase all these products in Wastons, Guardian stores or sign up for a FREE spot gel samples with sample store !!

Thanks SampleStore for sending the products over, now that I found a way to get my pimple out!