new year party in RSH

hi, 2012 ! hahahas

i'm three days early to say happy 2012 ! :D hope everyone will enjoy their time with smiles ! i simply loved 2012 as i don't have to control myself over watching dramas,outing and others. free as bird !

also my contract with RSH (royal sporting house) has over, which means money in bank and time for some outings ! hehehs

really had fun with them and didn't regret not quitting as they really are awesome people ! we had a new year party after work as everyone was super excited before the party and the party was really fun. we exchanged gifts, have food and drinks and lastly chit-chat and laughed about it :D

so lets the pictures do some talking alright !

 i rescue this dog from the bin ! they wanted to throw away but i wanted to keep it in the shop. so tata ! saved !

 wu juan and me !
 lyana and me, knew this girl since the first day ! we said we will stick to each other ! hehehs
 maricar and me ! :D
 irren and me
 joan and me
 hafee and me. he super lucky gotten my gift ! hehehs
 captain lee !

 sham (hope i didn't spell wrongly :X) she love me saying "earthquake" whenever she pour all the hangers !

 ayu  ! cute girl who gave me candy cane ! :D
 sam !
 yaziq ! own him a meal !

 zac, always ask me, why u always go fitting room there?! lolx
 hairul , million dollar smile ! lolx

 iqbal ! go home together as he stay in JB , soooo far ! 

 my gift ! 

WE ! :D