Life of a snow white

Always wanted to have a life like snow white, where you can just sleep and be white like forever? Usually, we all are either tan or a little yellowish (for chinese) and somehow, when we grow older, we all want to achieve that fair look.

And I'm a little regret being so sporty cause I'm like tan and never go back. And I have to put make up to become fairer but it's only on face and not body. And introducing Mygenlife- whitening ! Something worth trying out to achieve evened out skin tone, lighten skin blemishes, pigmentation and promote lasting fairness from within. 

A handy bottle, where you could put inside your bag and drink one bottle daily ! And having it for almost a month would allow you to have a fairer radiant and glowy look, but you must know that reults may varies, because different people have different amount of dark pigment. But in average it will be 28 days !

It' actually taste like berries; cranberry and blueberry, having the a little sweet taste at the end of each mouth ! I actually love the taste, because it's not way too over berries taste and did not left the little bites of berries which will stuck at your throat ! Yuck, I don't like those feeling. And loving the one that Mygenlife's potion !

To prove whether you really have whiten, you should try it and take a picture of yourself daily.

Also, they have another 4 different types of potions for your body, and I personally feel that, no, you should drink all potions daily, you should like drink one at a time, maybe for 3 months then change another potions? And if you are under medication, pleaseeee, consult a doctor beforehand !

Slimming, whitening, bustful, detox and beauty collagen nectar drink

You can get them at Guardian & Hannah Holding Website
Price: $49.90 for 6 potions 

~P.S/ stay beauty ~