Boxed up surprise- Vanity Trove

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Vanity Trove started out with surprise boxes and now they are having a platform for beauty lovers to share, spread and help people who love beauty products ! And it isn't a platform like instagram where you could only see popular feeds but update post from all different countries! 

And being a happy little girl receiving her little 2014 present! Woohoo, really thankful for vanity trove for such a mini eggcitement!

Hehehe, yes, lovving this VT Box because it's pretty and also if you gotten it for a few months, it could be a reusable cardboard for beauty products, so don't throw those boxes away! Also, you can customise your own beautybox or simply click surprise box where they will customise for you when you update your beauty profile about yourself! And let's check out what they have customised for me! 

Tata ! I received a total of 12 samples ! Both surprise and customise box cost $25 per month and I bet these samples are costing more than $25 ! #savemoremoney ! And if you are scared of having weird weird products, then customised box would be a better option !

First up, A dry shampoo ! *ahhhhhhh* hahahhas ! Okay, honesty I wash my hair every morning, and if sometimes I didn't have the time, *ahem* you know what happened. And after a long day, my hair will become greasy and it's a must to tie them up. But now, *kekeke* I can just spray on the dry shampoo ! Actually I have been hunting one after watching 女人我最大 (a beauty variety show), and now I gotten my hand on one !

This dry shampoo having a coconut smell which I don't really like it, because of the image below, I spray like million of times and my hair just have to smell like a big coconut ! Hahahas ! And usually I only can relate coconut hair to Indian lady's hair (not being racist) but I just dislike the smell ! However, it really become less greasy !

Rate: 1.5/5 (because smell is really important ! ) hahahahs

Next up, having some beauty tea to ease those sinful meals I ate during Christmas and New year, and I believe this is specially for the month of January as I have seen almost everyone have this fruity lite tea and my mum love this tea ! hahahhas ! And I'm trying it now, don't know whether I will visit the toilet later but the taste isn't that bad, it's kinda like a little plum taste and fruity taste. But after you drink the tea, you will find your mouth rather dry and after which you will want to drink a cup of water.

Rate: 2.5/5 (because it doesn't really taste bad, like some of the diet tea)

Elizabeth Arden; Visible Whitening smoothing cleanser. I don't really know whether I have whiten because I just use like once. But I know that after washing with it, your face feel so much smoother, and the cleanser will like disappear after you clean the same spot over sometime, feel cool uh ! hahahs ! Also, it state for asian skin, but I feel it's for oily skin, like what I'm having !

Rate: 3.5/5 ( feel great and really have smooth skin ! )

Another deep clean cleanser, BB cream and sunblock ! I hardly use BB cream as personally I feel that Singapore weather will make your BB cream look and feel even worst cause it's like sticking on my face, but I do use concealer or BB cream on certain spot, but not whole face.

Tried the Biore sunblock and it's really watery and I love it ! Cause you won't have those sticky feel and it has SPA 50+ ! Which I feel it's more than enough for a school day activity ! Also, it did whiten my skin after applying the sunblock ! How nice to have three functions in one bottle (makeup base, sunblock and whitening)

Rate: 4/5 ( because I love the three in one function; not sticky and feel watery) Also, I believe it's quite affordable ! )

Last but not least, the Loreal; aanti-spot brightening. Okay, at this point of time, I actually asked myself, why they sending me all the whitening products. But because, I have rather dark skin tone and white is the new pretty, I mean white will make up look more natural look, except you are chocolate-toned then that's different.

The loreal product smell like sunblock, and it's watery too ! It also have SPF 19+ but you can put it on day and night. This product don't feel like a cream, and left a really smooth texture and it's quickly absorb by the skin ! Leaving non-sticky feel, but yet you can feel there's cream over your skin. And as I compare it to my another hand, the one with the product feel so much brighter and the lines are so much finer !

Rate: 4.5/5 ( Because it's can be put day/night and give a brighten skin tone. Cream but watery and non-sticky)

Okay, It comes to the end of my January VanityTrove. If you are interested, please visit and please be kind to follow me as I just started out ! And this is my favourite shot *below*

P.S/ Discover beauty with VanityTrove; be beauty from today.