Tweekly; our surrondings

It's totally gone. The big green forest is gone with a blink of an eye. In the past, it's totally just huge patch of green grass, without buildings at the side the grass. Those birds, dogs and other animals have no shelter anymore. These few days, the birds have been flying around the big forest to find their nest. And how about the stray dogs? Their homes just got taken away, and perhaps they are also taken away, to be send to SPCA or even worst, to be put to sleep. 

Isn't Singapore supposed to be a green country, where there are many tress around us, having television program to show how they build the trees, protect those tress, but with just a few billions of money, they decided to rave the whole forest. At the end of the day, human are just selfish. I can't say that I'm a vegetarian or doesn't live in a comfortable flat, but seeing this chopping down of the tress just decided to break my heart. And having in mind, I do believe in animal cycle, where animals will eat other animals but not like human eating all of them whenever we feel like eating and throwing away most of the food because we can’t finish it.

In the past, I can't even see the cars at the opposite end, but now, I can. In the past, I can see dogs of all different size taking care of one another, but now, they are all gone.

Sometimes, I wonder, do we need so many buildings surrounding us, and abandon the nature gap way for us to breathe? But the answer is simple. It’s money. Everyone wants to be rich, maybe the government would say, oh it's because they expect more residents to live in. Ya, more residents will naturally buy those buildings, but those richer one, will buy more units to invest, and sometimes without anyone living in or merely rent it out. It isn't wrong, we actually already have enough flats. Singapore has a small population, what make it big is the foreigners, I'm not pointing fingers on foreigners, but they make Singapore such a crowded squeeze country and there's a lot out there saying Singapore has become a combination of China, Philippines and Bangladesh. Some of them helps us build the flats, so we could live here comfortably and of course they will usually stay in their hostel, but some of the richer ones will decide to invest in Singapore. Of course, every country need investments, need continue of money income-and-outgo, but we are destroying more than what it value. 

Singapore; a small country with big dreams. Hoping that she could contain what it could holds, expand seawards and having even more MRT tracks than a big country would even have. Having high CEO and ERP to stop people from driving but rather to take bus. The MRT track do bring us convenient to travel to other lines, where we did not even discover in the parts of Singapore. However, having more and more lines, is killing the undergrounds and there might be a possibility that it will collapses. I have to agree that CEO and ERP are reducing the numbers of cars, but people nowadays also rent cars, otherwise they will be on instalments to purchase a car, and ERP force my parents to come home and have dinner with me, otherwise I will have wait till almost 9pm for a dinner, thanks to the east coast ERP system charging at $6, thank you so much for this health diet.

Singapore leading a hand out to those countries got attacked by nature disaster but those hands should be given to local aging population. It really hurts my heart whenever I walk pass the MRT station and there will be this full of winkles, dark skin with a little hump, about 90 years old grandma, cutting out card boards, having to sleep at the MRT station because she couldn't even afford a place to live in. However, recently, I saw hope, hope from a kind uncle, who offer her place to live, and a hair groom, because now whenever I reaching home late, I don't see her sleeping at the MRT station. Also, the uncle would send her to the MRT station and she would continue to cut the card board. Perhaps, she want to continue to work and not to be greedy of what the uncle offer her, and she continue to work. 

To those people who decided to beg for money, shame on you. You have the clever brain to crook up stories to beg for money, and you can't find a job? Most people who beg for money, are not handicaps. In addition, there will be this bunch of teenagers like a swarm of bees to buzz around you to sell their $10 voucher, saying it's donation for whatever company they working for. But, this isn't a volunteer work, like our flag day, with every $10 donated, they will get a commission of $5, and within the company, they might even reduce to $1-3 to only be donated. So you still saying this is some donation for the needy? Think again.

In the world today, there’s no longer the clear black and white zone where this is good, this is bad. There is something called the grey zone, where parents educate their child to  be educated and have career to be rich, but have we forget something even with those education we achieve, we forget about our mother earth. The one providing us with life. 

P.S/ Appreciate every bites of nature you are seeing now, before it's too late.