Mandatory Day 1 of 2014

Happy newwwwww year people !! Had a quite great and fun Christmas and New year hangout with the 3 high, 1 low ! kekeke. We all went to F1 flyer building and watch the fireworks and ton the night out with million miles of walking and having the peaceful night, and cold breeze at one fullerton ! It's sooooo shoikkkk ! And I realllly love hanging out at night, but not catching a cold ! The F1 pit, has one of the best view, other than the stadium inside !

Watch the whole 7minutes of fireworks, and having that tired hand moment when it's so long ! And we are like, singapore is richer this year ! hahahahs ! But indeed, it's really supeerrr prettty ! I love fireworks, somehow when it blast off, you feel that you trouble are also all gone, those upset and worries from last year, all gone. And making new wishes during the fireworks, treating it like shooting stars.

And alot of hardworking photographer are like ready to take the pretty sky, feel the cold breeze and the sky lite up. Too bad there isn't like sunrise. :(

Reaching home at 9am, and officially dead on my bed, and the funniest thing was I tweeted something like," feel like just woke up and can't sleep" that's a lie, because within a minute I fall asleep, and the fun thing was, I was so tired that my tweet become some weird language and I deleted it. hahahhas

Waking up at 1pm, and still feel dead, suppose to meet elfin at like 5pm? And yes, we met. I was like dragging myself to head out, and I still have to cover my panda eye, because of the lack of sleep, someone told me that my panda eye become like some eye shadow ._.

We head to cine and caught secret life of mitty, it's not really exciting but worth watching maybe? because i'm dead tired but manage to watch it all the way. Rate: 2/5

Also, we freaking queued for 18 chefs because I didn't tried it before, and elfin say it's quite good, and recently, then I know that it's by ex-convict and *claps* really proud of the owner and he also hire ex-convict ! #AllTheyNeedIsAChance

You could customize your own baked rice/pasta, but lazy me just ordered the fish and chips in root beer, it taste quite unqiue. However, towards the end, you will find it easily "tired of the food", like don't feel like eating it anymore, those kind of feel. Maybe it's just to me. Also, the fish is quite big those type, so it's quite good !

Rate: 3 + 1 /5 ( 1 for those ex-convict ! )

And as you all know that new year, must have new year's resolution. And yes, I think I hit 70% of my 2013 new year resolution (*ahem* not being lazy already stand 50%)

Okay, 2014 new year resolution, these few days I have been thinking about it, and so many incidents happened for me to realise what I should really change !

1. Stop overslept; yes I got some major problem with me able to wake up. When I full sleep, like dead on my bed, even my alarm ring, I won't be able to hear it >:( Always make me late, otherwise rushing my stuff ! I SHOULD STOP THIS BAD HABIT !

2. Try to eat clean, hahahhas ! Because I always eat damn oily and unhealthy food ! And stop being soooooo easily tempted when in school ! hahahahs ! because we always go eat FFC (Fat Fat corner) - Fast Food Center and always eat Mcd + lok lok, so unhealthy please !

3. Work out + dance. Yes, I have been like looking for like FOC dance studio, because I just can't bring myself to dance at home, even there isn't anyone. Although my school have like dance corner, but just seeing those FB people dance, make you so tiny to even want to go there~

4. Blog with more of like carrying out myself. Like having character in each and every blogpost and not just want to blog and then I have to blog.

Just trying this 4 big 2014 resolution,  have one too, to keep you moving in life ! Fighting !