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Hidden somewhere inside Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, where most people would think that it will be like maybe tuition centre? Because it's surrounded by furniture shop and kopitiam. Although, it's hidden, but naturally, treasure will be discovered and Mordecai skin is one of the treasures good looking natural beauty.

Mordecai is for both male and female, which explain why it doesn't not provide body massage. In addition, unisex facial allow you to go as couples, family or friends.

Some history of the name, mordecai (pronounced as mor-d-kai):

Mordecai is a Jewish name and a real historical character in the Bible. Mordecai lived in a time where the Jews were under the Persian rule. He has an adopted daughter, Esther, who later became the queen of the Persian Empire.
Terror struck when the second in command of the Persian Empire, Haman, wanted to annihilate the Jews. Haman used the king’s authority and passed and edict and proclaimed a day where all the Jews will be massacred. Queen Esther was worried to speak up for her people, thereby putting her own life at risk.
However, Mordecai taught Esther moral courage. He told her not to feel safe just because she is in the palace. If Esther remained silent at that time, relief will arise from another place. Mordecai said to Esther “who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
Mordecai knew true beauty is both inward and outward. We love how Mordecai understood real beauty.

Thus, having this name “Mordecai”, they hope that everyone have not only inner beauty but together with outer beauty, which is why they establish a facial shop which isn’t there to suck your money but providing true beauty to allow you to relax.

Heading in or even just looking through there window, you would notice this big board. And they are having 40% off for student and the first trail is $48, which they want people to feel whether they are suitable for the treatment and the first trail, they are not earning any profit. Having so much discount for students as they know that students are facing stress and puberty which is like an asshole that causes all those blemishes! And most students will not have the money for treatments which lead to uneven surface of the face, that wouldn’t be cure after which. They hope that by reducing prices of the treatment, students to be able to afford the treatment and having more confident outlook.

The only written treatment for $120, which is all types of treatments you will get depends on your skin condition. Unlike other facial company, which might state facial at $48 but it's just the extraction, and when other treatments are needed, you have to pay more. In the end, you may be paying up to $200 or even more.

Before the treatment, you will be asked to fill up a questionnaire based on your allergy and skin product used. After which, they will explain about the process of your treatment. For all the treatments, they will be using mild chemicals instead of the strong ones, so you would see results after 2 or 3 days, as they believe (and I believe) that effective chemicals are usually have strong side effects.

My Treatments: 

As I said that everyone have different treatments depending on their face condition, and mine *ahem* being still in puberty, and have stress, of course, there are millions of pimples and itchy hands causing worst inflammation.

First up - fruit acid:

This treatment with slight tingling sensation control sebum production, tightens pores and improves overall skin texture. It actually feel like small ants biting, but after which, there is this hot sensation.

2nd - Extraction:

I have to admit that I always go to facial for like every 6 months once? And this is the part where you have to endure. They say "no pain, no gain" , yes if there's no pain, you won't gain pretty face !  And I always endure. I rather have a one-time full clear face, then having to endure the pain for more than one time.

This is the points where most facial aunties will hard-sell their products because you will just answer “yes”, due to the pain, and it's the longest time you will spend there. But in Mordecai, the beautician (Josie) only hard sell this sentence, “is it pain?" hahhahas! Honesty, every time she ask, I feel the extra pain! Hashanahs!

And my omg, red face! But glad it reduce to like 10% after the other treatments! Also, extraction will take about 3 days for the red pores to totally close up, give it some time and you will get flawless skin!

3rd - High Frequency

A painless treatment to maintain you skin and kill all the bacteria and inflammation inside your pores. I actually like this one, because it's really painless and at most you can only hear the scary sound, and it reduce inflammation meaning lesser time to visit facial and lesser torture! Say YaY, to new clean pores!

4th - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

This is actually the same IPL treatment as the hair removal one, but lesser heat. Because our face is tenderer, this IPL treatment is just to close up the pores and leaving a smooth texture to our skin, so that dirty won't enter so quickly but you still have to wash your face daily !

It's actually painless, just with strong red lights that will blind you, but the goggles will protect your pretty eyes !

5th - mask

It's just a super duper cold mask that will help in cooling your face after such a huge work out, hahahahs ! And I love the mask, because it will be nap time and officially everything has ended ! The mask will harden and don't worry you can't breathe of what. hahahahs

And after the mask, obviously, the redness of my face reduced 101 times ! Still a little red, but it will be fine after a day or so. They helped me put some blemishes cream that have the herbs smell, and it further reduce the redness of those red spots. And also, after facial, try to stay home, otherwise if you go out and have make up, I feel the facial is wasted.

A tea is a must after the facial, and Mr Lam explained to me the treatments and ask whether there is anything I dislike or anything they could improve on. Obviously, the answer is everything is awesome. Just a little complain of the extraction, which he still kindly explained that extraction is so much better than putting chemicals on your face that might reduce blemishes but it will still be inside your pores.

My true review:
Personally, I feel that the environment is very cosy and they even offer cotton slipper for their customers, like you are at home. 

Also, the beautician will give you advise on what skin type you are and what product you should use and try not to use (not from their shop). For example, I have oily skin and she say it's better not to have face massage as blood circulation will produce more oily skin and advise me to use cold water to wash my face. In addition, for moisturizer try to use those gel type instead of cream type. 

Which most people won't know about all these little tips to more flawless skin? As my previous beautician will always massage my face, that may be product more oily skin ! :( and she forever hard-selling products, and my house have her products which we don't even use it! Gosh!

All in all, I have to say that Mordecai is really super cosy and cold and having friendly staffs who are forever smiling ! 

Rate: 3.5/5 ! 


Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Singapore 560728

Telephone for appointment: 6456 0900

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