Monday-booo-hooo-luuuu~ As you can see, it's a throwback, obviously it's old post. And I'm done with my examssss ! Which means more posts are coming UP ! 

So before my exams, my clique actually came to my house and had steamboat and celebrate the only "father" in our clique's birthday ! With the hope of putting up the tian dian, but we failed without a saying, thanks to the blow wind blow ~ 

And yes, for all 5girls and 1 guy, we actually ate this much ! Okay, not all because end up we kept some due to the overly full stomach, that we had to play games to get rid of the cooked leftover foods ! Gee~

Writing all our wishes, and really hope it will fly but didn't, and singapore can't put it up cause it's consider littering, and it didn't flew up too :( We actually tried twice, but failed~

This is, and will be, the most fun clique I ever have~ :) Hope we will still meet on the IPP days !