Dinner out

So~~ This post is like three weeks ago, when it's raining cats and dogs after a month of no rain. So unluckily, because we wanted to go to the river hongbao but due to this rain, we went to jem instead and found this super no queue but delicious food place ! Hahahs

Okay la, maybe some of you hear about it before, it's lenas, if i'm not wrong it's an outlet from MOF and it's called Lenas. It is located at lv 1 towards the corner, and that's why no queue ! 

And the ambiance is really awesome, I mean it's towards the vintage where there's bricks and woods and... vintage. LOL 

And some pictures of my familyyyy, before dinner~

And the most important part, the food. I can ensure you that it's worth the money. Actually before entering the restaurant, we though it might be real expensive but actually, it's quite okay. For all of us, I think it cost about $60? or maximum $80? Which I think it's not really expensive uh, cause each meal is about $10+. In addition, each meal is super duper big, but the asshole thing is that plain water cost 30cents ! I actually don't get it,is water that expensive to even charge it?! >:(

Okay, the prettier picture of the set, I actually tried my mum's set which is the beef patty one, and I can say that the patty actually taste like mos burger's patty and the "soup" is made up of egg and it's actually the sauce and not really for drinking, so there's soup of the day !

Next, my sister's pork rib~ Opps, ya, it's not halal. This pork rib is actually mega huge, but bear in mind of the rib bones, still super alot of meat alright. And this pork rib actually taste like bakkwa because the sauce on top is sweet one~ And two sides of your choice~~

And lastlyyyy, mine ! With the grill chicken with the herb (I forget what's the name already :X) 

Anyway, the rice is cooked with the onion and it actually smell and taste really unique and nice~ The chicken meat is really tender, and mixed with the herbs, it makes the chicken has a different taste and feel, it taste so much... fresher? I mean like won't be so oily like those grilled or even fried food? Ya~ And the baked potato taste the same as what offered outside with the baconnsssss~

Rate: 3.5/5,  it's really quite yummy but the service there isn't really up to standard~ Overall, the food is really nommy~