2 degree ice

Hello babies~ How hot are you feeling? Especially with that hazy coming back, gosh ! The week after our exam, we have exactly 7 days for us to enjoy before intern start, and we gotten a chance to freeze ourselves in a big freeze literally ! You know how those main characters got trap  inside those big freeze,and hug together but never die. Hahahs ! That's us !  

Really great time spend under 5 degree Celsius with my favs~ Really have a cool and frozen time ! And I did build a... snowball~ hahahs~ To be real honest, it's actually quite a small exhibition with only two slides~ But we have great time there, and at 3pm, there's snow, but it's so fake till the extend it hurts :(

But being vain, we still have to take picture together~ have to ! hahahahs

"Some snow for you?" heehee

And meet my long-lost classmate; the trex

And some selca with my loved ones~ Feel really blessed to have them through this journey of life~

And my fav, the eiffel tower, having a pandora charm which is the tower. Love it~ heehee

And the big ben clock, yes, I'm the not smiling soldier.

With some crazy jump shot, which I froze in the air for 3seconds, gosh, suddenly think of "my love from another star", stop the time ! OMO OMO !

And the most hate moment when the ice bar have an event which allow us to go to satay by the bar for nommies ! *love* seriously we always order like we are some piggies, hehehes, but it's really damn shiok !

And some pictures while walking under the stars before heading into the ice bar~

Tata~~~ Our ice mug with the drinks~

And us in bathrobes~

I actually super love the furry furry hoodies ! Especially while watching "my love from another star" gosh, snow plus furry hoodies, and lie on the ice. OMO !

Say hi to my panda eyes, and my ice mug~ And after finish, you can smug the ice mug ! How cool is that ! Frocking cool man ! hahahahs ! Like those drama, always smush stuff

Last but not last, our swaggy post~ hahahahs !