5 mins update !

Okay, It's called a 5mins update so it won't be super long, because I'm actually waiting for my alien show to load and I really feel like blogging~ hahahahs !


So I dyeeee my hair, but honestly, it's just my fringe, because my sister who helped me, decided to just press the dye on my fringe only~ But actually it looks so much better, before I cut it/ The picture is after I tie my hair. And oh, I chopped 4itches of my hair :O ! And regret to cut my fringe, because I do love to look sexy, hahahahahs~ okay, no, but to tie them up like auntie ! hahahahs

And a sat date with cousin, newwww hairstyle~ Yes, simply can't eat ice cream without making a mess out of myself :'(

Then a Big meal from my big aunt and my cousin, nommmmm, it's not really super yummy, but somehow it taste alright because... I'm so hungry ! JUST BRING ME FOOOOOD !

So 4mins have passed, and a pretty fake tattoo which I passed it opposite when I'm heading out to study~

Okay, watch my alien show nowwww, gonna update you guys about the dramas I watched andddd... Frozen; let itgo~