Tweekly; it has never been so hard to smile

"Do something for yourself, not for others. But for yourself"

This post I have long wanted to blog about it, for days, months or even years. I have wanted to step out from that uncomfortable comfort zone, I always wanted to clear all those judgments and really do something for myself for this very first time.

Since young, I have underbite. It’s having the lower jaw protruding beyond the upper jaw, it’s also known as prognathism in the medical term. Usually, this is hereditary, but neither my parents nor grandparents have it, not sure why am I the “chosen” one to have it. Oh well~ 

P.S/ if you still cannot imagine, what is underbite, here's a picture for you.

The first time when I notice about my teeth having problems, not really know it's underbite, is when I’m in Primary school where the dentist always tell me to visit them in school, and told my mum about making braces for me, not explaining why.

Then, slowly, it become more and more obvious, my friends would ask, why my jaw is like so much longer, and even got mocked about it. In the past, I would simply ignore them, because I also have no idea about what is “underbite” or even get angry about it, simply thinking that I'm ugly. And trying to force my teeth in. Since then, I have been trying to smile in the way where no one will realise I have underbite, and I simply envy people who can smile with their whole set of teeth showing out, because I can’t and I won’t.

P.S/ my very super first time smiling with my whole set of underbite.

To be really honest, my self-esteem isn't high then, I always pretend to be alright after each and every asking or mocking about my teeth, it’s like knife stabbing deep into my heart. But now, I feel that I have to be strong, and this could be corrected by braces and jaw surgery. It’s not cosmetic surgery but plastic cosmetic, a correction of something. 

Also, sometimes, I would feel that my jaw is so aching, because I don’t really close my mouth fully, as in the upper and lower set of teeth touch, simply because, my underbite will be more obvious. And I don’t take side view picture. All these things where people do not have to notice, I do, I have to take notice of each and every thing.  

I do seek help after my Os, went to see dental and wanted to make braces ASAP, but the dentist said that, my bones have to be fully developed and so… I waited for another two years. And finally, my mum say “yes” to the braces and jaw surgery.

Who wants to be ugly when they could be pretty? My family, is those typical family you would see on the tv. They would always say I looks ugly and all, but when they heard I was going for the jaw surgery, they suddenly say I actually looks pretty. Stop lying to yourself people, I think I would regret for life, if I didn't do it in my teenage years, and continue to be judge.

My dad always say, “Why you want to care how people look at you?” But he just don’t know that this society is becoming more and more judgmental, if you don’t have the looks, they won’t even approach you and be your friends. That’s the society now. Even, I judge, we all judge, whether is it harsher than others. I also judge myself, wanting to be better each and every time I find a flaws in me, that’s how people improve and become better right?

To end of my post, with a super important note. I can say that, I’m not famous, can’t even touch the “s” of the word “famous” but I really hope that I could get sponsored for the braces and jaw surgery treatment. And believing that quite a few people will be equally interested in this treatment where I would share videos and pictures about it.  Or any recommendation of dental that could treat underbite. Please comment or email to

P.S/ there is No girls who want to be ugly for life.