Flawless skin with magic shop

Hi pretty babies ! Last month, I actually got invited by TW magic shop and try out their super awesome cool products ! Really, almost these products that I'm sharing are the ones I love the most. 

It is located at Far east plaza, but if you are feeling lazy to head down. THEY HAVE ONLINE SHOP TOO ! 

The make-up diary:

This lip stainer is like a magic~ Really, because it will slowly become more and more pinkies, and it's really good ! Because other than it moisturize your lip, it also have natural glow of pink and having vitamin E that allow long lasting !

Waterproof eyeliner, it's seriously super serious waterproof ! I bet this eyeliner could go into swimming pool ! Like those korea show where they cry or jump into the swimming pool without having any black tears ! However, waterproof eyeliner might have a little difficulty in removing, but no fear~~~ ! Scroll below~

TATA ! They have the 2 in 1 makeup remover, it's really damn effective, *look below* they just use a little and the waterproof eyeliner just gone in a wipe O.O Deabak~

As the lady was educating us about skin, she has said that they do not recommend bb cream, as bb cream would be better for people that live in winter country ! As bb cream would clog up our pores and mousse would be highly suggested as it wouldn't clog the pores !

And I bet you all never hear before~ A waterproof, sweat proof mousse foundation. Super suitable for singapore weather !

The makeup base, actually smooth up my face when they help me to put the make up on ! And you can feel that there isn't much oil after the whole day~ At least you know you still looking glam~

Green, reducing redness
Purple; balancing uneven skin tones, enhancing extra radiance
Transparent; for all skin tone
Skin; natural glow

As for my skin, they uses the purple and the skin one. As the purple is to reduce being "yellowish" like what usually chinese's skin. 

And my make-up diary ! Really thanks to the beautiful ladies for helping me to make up. It just make my face looks alittle more 3D, and they also have the highlighting powder, making my nose looking a little sharper !

The skin care diary:

Do you know that our skins have a lot of dead cells and will still be "trap" on our skins, even though we shower? And yes, I also have an exfoliating gel at home, but I feel that this one is really good ! Because after a feel rub, it's like really alot ! My house one, I have to rub for at least 1 minute to see the dirty ! But this is within seconds?

Snails, one of the lastest skin care products. As it help to firm the skins and heal scars or wounds ! Although it sounds disgusting, but I feel that in the bottle form, it actually don't feel like snail cream but normal cream !

Almost every time, we will just take care of our face, but what about our body and hair? No fear, with the body and hair moisturizing spray allowing us to take good care of our body and hair with good scents !

Last but not least, my favourite in my house. It's the blemishes no more cream ! Seriously good ! Okay, I have been using it almost daily, okay, when I have super obvious pimple ! And it's really good in healing, because during the exam period, I will have a lot of pimples, and tata, with this, my pimples all gone ! This cream is made up of herbs and it has the herb smell but it isn't strong after applying on your face ! 

And thanks magic shop for having us ! It's really good trip ! And also, they are featured in a lot of magazines ! 

Like their facebook page, and know more about their products !

Location: 14 SCOTTS ROAD
                Far East Plaza, #01-83

For enquires: 67323137, feel uncomfortable to call, you can whatsapp to: 97217789

And it open from 12pm all the way to 9.30pm !

If order from their website, there will be free local normal postage, for limited time only !

Or you can simply quote,'Tiffany' plus Like Magic shop's facebook page, to get  10%OFF STOREWIDE ! (Promotion end 30th april 14)

Go and be beautiful~