Say bye to unwanted breath

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Hello my pretty sunflower ladies and perhaps gentlemen too~ It's finally THURSDAY which means we just left a day more and WOOHOO ! 

Anyway, just a small little secret to share with u all ! As I have start intern, I realise that more people having something in their bags and they will start using it after breakfast,lunch or even I-don't-know when they feel like it moment? Make a guess what's that *hint below*

That's right is toothbrush and toothpaste ! I realise most people are constantly brushing their teeth more than 3 times a day, which makes me feel so dirty for just brushing it twice. But I have my reasons okay~ And most people brush their teeth due to their breath, especially after coffee or tea ! Hoping that their toothpaste would be like a mint sweet !

And recently, I watched a drama, and the girl also felt the smell of the garlic~ Oppies, garlic and onion are the major two that lead to bad breath ! :X Bad breath can cause embarrassment and inconvenience to individuals, it can obstruct daily conversations and interactions, leading to a listless life and loss of self-confidence!

Look for the hero in green who will take those bad breath and leave fresh clean teeth ! 

Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste includes an advance, active Zinc Citrate formula, which provides all rounded care for oral health. With its highly efficient (attack-defence system) anti bacterial function, it allows fresher breath and strengthening of overall oral health. 

The Active Zinc Citrate formula can minimize the formation of dental plaque and tartar for long period of time, which effectively removes unpleasant smell forming in the oral area, in turn providing long periods of protection for good oral breath.

As such, Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste’s Active Zinc Citrate formula creates dual functions to Attack the source of bad breath, effectively reduce oral bacteria, and forming a protective shield to Defend against plaque build-up

This toothpaste is actually the gel type, and usually I don't use gel type, because it feel like there is a layer over my teeth, but this toothpaste won't have this feel ! Surprisingly~ 

Also,I dislike peppermint flavour, because it will be damn mint and I couldn't take it. But Darlie's expert fresh is gel type and it is also peppermint, you can smell it, but can't really taste it. In that case... it's also suitable for kids to use too ! Hahahs

To be real honest, I actually took this shot after I woke up at 630am, afraid that I will be late, and still put on makeup and then brush my teeth ! Hahahas~

My Review - right after brushing my teeth
It actually gives my teeth a very smooth surface, and it smell really refreshing. *ahem* I actually use a quite disgusting way to smell my breath, which is to lick my wrist and then smell it *ahem*. This actually works really well, because it really smell fresh. And like what I said beforehand that it doesn't have the mint taste, which is really good.

Most importantly, after you brush your teeth, coffee/milo is the number 1 things most people drink after brushing their teeth which lead to stains and bad breath. To be honest, I didn't notice whether their stain on my teeth, but I notice my breath isn't as bad as when I using normal toothpaste after the milo !

So I will rate this about 8/10.

And the most important about the expert fresh toothpaste is that... IT CAN LAST UP TO 12 HOURS ! SAY YES TO THE NO NEED BRUSH TEETH IN PUBLIC TOILET !

Having the active Zinc Citrate with activating dual functions; attack- the source of bad breath, effectively reduces oral bacteria, and defend - forms a protective shield to prevent plaque buildup. So~ with such Attack - Defend system,  bad breath can be kept at bay through simple oral hygiene regime daily giving you the 12 hours of fresh breath you always wanted ! WOOHOO ! 

And moving on around the clock~ Tick Tok Tick Tok

Was home at about 430, which is still not 12hrs, so I had cheese fries with the onions and my teeth is still feeling plaque free, like those sexy lady who will lick their teeth, yes, that's me (currently) ! Hahahs~ And trying my breath check after the fries, surprised that there isn't strong onion smell but somehow the smell of the food started to stay in your mouth, not very strong, just quite mild.

And afterwhich, I had my nap, and check my breath now, it still smell equally alright~ Honestly, every time after my nap, my mouth smells like I have never brush teeth for 10months, hahahhs, is just that I drool and all. So *ahem* ya~ But it still smell alright !

Total rating; 9/10. Because it's plaque-free, and the best part is with the 12hr protection, I can still brush my teeth twice a day~ And it's fully covered with protection ! Also, unlike some other brands, which say 24hours protection but you can feel the plaque and all, which makes you feel quite insecure about your breath and such stuff~ So thumb up for Darlieeee~ Even without this toothpaste, I'm using the original Darlie toothpaste too ! What a reliable brand~

Is my teeth whiter than before? This is taken at 6+am~

Note 1: I actually wanted to brush my teeth twice for this post, but I realise I shouldn't brush my teeth before I even make up and all. And leading to my lip stain gone, which is actually water-proof makeup.

Note 2: Currently, 12am, I'm still licking my teeth and feeling kinda sexy about it. Hahahs

Note 3: You should also buy it and feel sexy about it;
Available at all NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime and other leading supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores in March 2014.

Expert Fresh 120g @ $5.90 and 40g @ $2 (Promo price) 

Note 4: Time for me to sleeeeep with my sexy teeth, goodnight people !