Wimbly Lu chocolate

Hi foodiessss ! Really great to hop on the fooooood post again ! Getting real nommy treat by my kelly ah lian for my bday :} Went to Wimbly Lu chocolate, and it's kinda awkward that we didn't get anything that is chocolate related but we gotten our taste buds on the waffles and more ! 

It's really quite a maze if you don't know how to get there, but it's around the private property area, so maybe trust your google map. LOL~ It's near serangoon~ 

Having a real relax and pretty layout at the indoor, but you have to come real early like before 11am, so that you don't have to queue up~ 

And lighting is always my best friend when it comes to taking of pictures, no editing needed :} Gotten my mouth on the smoked salmon & scramble egg on toast and this is a double, which means having double toast and salmon plus a cappuccino to start my Saturday morning straight/.

Having to say that I actually enjoy the salad that come with this dish, it's really fresh ! Especially the cherry tomato is sweet :} The toast would taste even better if it's toasted longer and will have that crispy bites, together with the egg and salmon.

The cappuccino is always great for a morning break :} And I don't know since when I actually got hooked by cappuccino otherwise caramel latte #goshcaffeinehookedup

Smoked salmon & Scrambled egg on toast - doubt $11
Cappuccino - $5

While kelly and her younger brother ordered the chicken and mushroom baked rice and beef lasagna. Quite worth to give it a try if you are feeling hungry and going for a brunch instead !

Hohoho, and ourrrrr dessert is of course their well-known waffle with ice cream, and maple syrup ! Their pancake is really crispy and their ice cream is quite worth it, big enough for two to share ! I share it with kelly's brother and feeling so full even with that half pancake I ate !

Rate: 3.5/5 , it's quite costly, actually divide by the 3 of us, it would be around $20? But it's a good place to chill and I love their lemon water #weirdme, but they actually take care of those details. The only problem is that when it's too many people, their servers actually got a little confuse and like forgot one of our order. Okay, so maybe 3.5 would be suitable !

Waffle w. Maple ice cream and maple syrup - $8.50

And some of our moments, together~ hahahahs !

This is like damn epic, okay, so I say I actually got fatter when I start my intern, and I said usually I start getting fatter from my face. So I say, see those actress always do that V-shape face. *bite my cheek faces*

 Still bitting~

And decided to do this cute post~ kekekek, somehow it looks V hor ! haahas

And the only one that I find her pretty, hahahahs ! Otherwise she will fly above the rainbow~ Really glad that we still hang out of the whole clique, even you are not the first one I met there, but somehow we still meet up now and then. kekekek !

If you are interested to visit them !

  1. Address: 15 Jalan Riang, 358987
    Phone:6289 1489