Ikoi Japanese restaurant X mum day

Perhaps, this is one of the latest blog post, I'm blogging right now... Today is mother's day, and we , three sister *ahem* no doubt, that we three actually plan and came to a conclusion of bringing my mum to a Japanese buffet ! *yay*

Actually recently my mum  has a Facebook account and of course, she saw adv posted by her friend that shows the "$14.90" Japanese buffet... you know, the one in clarke quay~ But it's fully book, and after asking around we found out that there is a better Japanese buffet located at Miramar hotel !

Firstly, I have to claim that, it's not $14.90 but $39.90++ for a lunch buffet. hahas~ Double the price, but oh well, it's mother's day!

We reach there real early, the buffet starts at 11.30am, but I have gang chiong parents, and we reached at 11am. Oh well, so we decided to take some #OOTD

And some love from us sister ! Kekekes, actually, I demand for a second shot, cause I look Fugly in this shot, but somehow this looks really happy. hahahs !

We actually expected buffet style, where food are lay on the table for us to take, but they actually serve us the food. But, the restaurant is actually real small, so reservation is encouraged !

The food serve is fast at the beginning, and slow down after which. So super encourage to order a lot initially so that they would have time to serve you all slowly ! Cause my family, not sure is just us or what, we actually waited for the food to be serve out.

They will serve you the salmon and some fresh salad before you even order anything. Also, because my parents are so picky on the wasabi not being spicy or like chocking, and the lady actually grind it longer so it will be more chocking. Real good serve !

Say Nommy ! 

Everything is served with small portion, as we just order a 6 portion, and tata, big portion of yummy sashimi ! And they are really fresh, I mean it's sweet and with the wasabi, omo daebak ! (Y)

Next will be the complementary soup, that taste like miso soup ! With the tea, okay, the tea actually taste a bit weird, but nevertheless, the soup is real nice ! With all those ingredientsss, cooked salmon !

Bacon, who don't like bacon, especially it's like cooked using the torch ? hahas, okay, i think it using the torch, with cooked cherry tomatoes ! It's a real pleasure, except being burning hot when you have your first mouth bite on it ! As the juice will just burnt your tongue !

Last real must order, is the Japanese congee ! They use the miso soup and cooked it, instead of normal water *that's what I have tasted* which actually taste real nice, as the rice absorb the miso taste ! :} And with the other ingredients~~

Say okay ! 
Sushi is always the right choice in Japanese restaurant, and for them, it's really  alright. The rice ball is quite small but big piece of ingredient ! Too bad, the soft shell crab need to top up money, otherwise I would have some hand roll sushi too ! 

Totally not a salad person, but somehow their salad are yummy, crispy and fresh ! Loving the cold tofu salad !

With the fried mushroom and the fried prawn, you need to choose the correct one. Otherwise, they won't use the tempura flour but the bread crumb~

Say nahh

Not sure we ordered wrongly, or is it just not really nice. This is the bread crumb fried prawns and another fried potato dish, which I'm so disappointed, I love potato dishes :(. Another is also fried, just avoided fried dishes maybe?

Also quite alot people visit Ikoi Japanese restaurant for buffet !

After which, headed to Ikea and my cute dad just have to post ! haha, see where i'm coming from ?! kekeke

Lastly, happy omma day ! Okay, I dragged for two days, I started out on Sunday ! Real Fact !