Poteato - Tiong Baru cafe

Hi foodies ! Before I have another sponsored post up, perhaps you all are totally interested with the food I upload on my insta (just say you do alright, because I haven't snap picture for that post :X )

Anyway, 2 weeks ago, went to tiong baru and became a tourist with GPS switched on to guide us to a cafe that I we wanted to go. Tt's call poteato~~~ Sound so minion huh~ hahahs

I also realise, tiong baru's cafe are all line up, so if one full, it's always okay to hop to another one. But I really feel like munching on some potatoes, so we waited for about 20minutes before getting seated.

It's really small, having a separation but the place we are seated is like a small house :} And I totally forget to take picture of the "house" inside, it's really quite small, and you have to take the utensils inside. Having a small counter too !

Having a clip on meal, and there is quite a number of dishes, compared to other cafes that I recently hopped to !

Kekekes, since it's TGIF that day, we decided to have some mini celebration with beer. The rose beer I drank is really quite good, having rose taste and smooth down the throat :}

Witterkurke Rose Beer - Around $10

Having huge portion of truffle fries, and both of us can barely finish it, but finished it O.O hahahs ! They are called PoTeaTo because their specialise in potatoes, and I can ensure their fries are really great. The truffles are quite pleasant but maybe it's just me, feeling it's salty towards finishing it.

Truffle Fries- $10.00

My friend gotten the burger while I had the salmon~

The patty is beef, and it's really juicy and thick, it's impossible to have a complete cut and stuff it into your mouth ! hahahs ! #justwaytoobig #exceptyouhavebigmouth ! Also loving their cheedar cheese, if my taste bud didn't fail me !

Cheesy melt beef burger - $21.00

And my lover the salmon ! To be real honest, the whipped potato is daebak ! hahahs ! It totally compliment the taste of salmon, together with the takoyaki sauce ! Still lovingggg it, and I also like the shredded fish cod ( is it fish cod? just that shredded paper like food, hahahs)

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon - $17.00

The price is a little costly, but for dinner I think it's quite alright, moveover the food is quite tasty and made fresh ! The service could be faster, but they are really friendly, I also believe they just have two of the staffs handling the customers. Worth the try in the quite Tiong Baru ! The most welcome thing, no gst nor service charge and still you get served ! hahahs !



  1. Address: 78 Yong Siak St, 163078
    Phone:6221 2488

    Open today · 10:00 am – 10:30 pm