Decleor - the most cozy treatment

Hi peeps ! I'm soooo guilty for this blogpost as it has been draggggggged for like maybe 2 to 3 months? But I'm definitely going back, thanks to the real great service and cozy environment ! The outlet that I went to is located at Raffles Hotel. And thanks to vainty trove, I receive this free mask ball treatment ! Now Vaintytrove is also offering good deals for Decleor, do check it out ! 

Heading in the classy yet cozy store, and because my appointment is 10am, I'm the only one inside and feeling so much relaxing, since there's only me ;) And got offer rose tea even before I have to fill in my particulars.

The key of this mask ball treatment is also having your skins check ! After this test, I realise my face is in real bad condition and paying double effects on my skin, especially on my P.H value. Doesn't mean expensive cleaner is good for your face !

And having almost all type of checks, like sebum and sensitivity skin, which adds up to the 6 keys areas!

Deeeeep inside my skin ! I FREAKING SWEAR AND HOPE THIS IS MY MOLE ! LOL ! But its not, the lady say it's my blackheads like.. O.O ZOOM

And the overall of my badly managed face ! Especially my pores, I know, I know... And having some advice from this machine, and stupid me didn't bring it home :(

Lastly, of course, the cozy bed, having some heater to end my treatment. They don't hard sell but really advise me how to wash my face, okay, I know I don't wash it well enough, but I'm trying after this treatment. And to be honest, I realise my skin having less pimples *okay, don't speak too early, otherwise they would hear it :X*

Yes, my weird taking shot reflected but hey, there is a shelve for my bag and I could wear the bathrobe ! hahahahs ! Looks like those rich man movies where forever loving those bathrobes !

My face felt so much cleaner and pampered after the session ! And the beautician is really patient with me.

End with a cozy rose tea again and having some samples, as I did not get any of their package. Because I still have a huge bottle of tones and what not left at home. Gosh. But after they are used up, I would visit and buy their package, I guess ( if there is no impulsive buys again).

And each of these travel pack is only $59 ! Consider affordable and if I'm not wrong, sasa also sell their items, but best would be having the skin check before getting anything.

Overall experience is really good, rating: 9/10, as this is currently one of the salon that I feel so relax and enjoyable with some chit chat but no hard-selling and they still advise me how to clear my skin and having to put what type of mask would be great ! Not from their shop but any type of shops I prefer !

Lastly, Raffles Hotel is a good OOTD place ! hahahahs, Came alone soo I guess timer is my best friend. As I don't go facial with anyone who might need to wait for me an hour ! hahahs !