Ukulele festival sentosa - 2014

Hi peeps ! Back to bloggggging ! Such Hectic week because my tina went back :'( and we all have to help out in house chores ! I did all those cooking (HAHAHHAS, I TOTALLY SHOULD VLOG HOW I WASH THAT RAW MEAT) and keeping of clothes *smirk face*

Anyway, I think one month ago, yes, one month, because i'm patiently waiting for someone to upload the video of this festival, even I did video but it's kinda blur. Its a sudden date with chia chia to ukulele festival ! Got our favorite boy, and of course #fanmodeon ! 

The weather is crazily hot, but not as worst as every night of this week ! And~ stupid me wore shoes, then chia wore it too because of me ! kekeks

And my cooool inception polariod film ! okay, the film spoiled due to it being too long inside my polariod !

We waited with these people for the sungha jung ! And some of the people who went up and play their ukulele are damn good ! It makes me wanna pick up my ukulele again ! We are too rush and forget that we totally should bring a mat and sitting on the sand, hurt our butts :(


Yes, all the way till night ! Sing all day and ukulele all night ! hahahahs

I swear this ah pek is soooo cute ! They just ukulele despite being old ! Real motivating !

DID U SEE MY CUTE BOY IN GREY ! HAHAHAHS ! Okay, realllllly feel he is damn hardworking and talented with guitar/ukulele ! Guys who can play instruments #turnon hahahs !

When back with a light happy heart wanting to re-touch my ukulele ! I shall learn it well again ! kekek ! #OOTD ! 

Till the next time,
TGIF, rest well.