Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

Hey there beauty ! Always putting eyes make up just to cover your panda eyes? Yes, I do so badly ! And I guess I'm one of the kind who damage my eyes soooo badly, [I'm so sorry eyes] as I wear colour lens beyond your imaginary hours. Also, keeping an record keeper of 3 eye infection :O 

So I'm actually real glad to receive this sponsorship that save my eyes a little I guess?

On top of that, I also use laptop more almost 24/7, as I always watch drama, blog, even do projects and others. So it's really tiring for my eyes ! To be real honest, every morning, I could barely open my eyes due to it being so dry X.X

I bet you actually feel a little guilty for mistreat your eyes one way or another, due to the hectic lifestyle that Singapore has? I believe that no matter how stress we are, at the end of the day, our body wellness are really important

So Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask is here to rescue, like literally ! 

Comes in four different flavours, is that how I suppose to say it? Different smell? Different amora?

  • Unscented
  • Lavender-sage aroma
  • Chamomile-ginger aroma 
  • Fresh Rose aroma

Each contain different benefits !

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask warms gradually to a comfortable 40℃ the moment you put it on. Lie back and enjoy the soothing sensation of gentle heat enveloping your tired eyes, and allow the steam produced to moisten and soothe them!

Enjoy the de-stressing session and refresh yourself with brighter looking eyes today! A Video of the eye mask giving out hot steam, like hot spring ! 

It comes in a handy packaging where you could use it anywhere, everywhere ! I gave it to my parents as they went overseas and they use it on the airplane~ 

My personal review:

I use the unscented one which say that it will brighten my eyes within 10minutes ! WOW ! of course I must give it a try ! And it really didn't disappoint me, I could see my double layer panda eyes become better, and no make up on my skin for the picture below, except my brows.

It really give out real comfortable hot steam which you could fall asleep easily with, I played smoothing music too while using it, which I guess makes me so much sleeper ! haha !

At the end of the eye mask, it will slowly chilled and you could leave it on, if you are asleep, or just dump it. I feel so much re-charged after using it, as my eyes feel so much better ! I should like remove my lens, but even with my lens on, it feel comfortable !

Currently, MegRhythm are hosting an instagram contest !*claps* And I would so eagle to win another few boxes of the steam eye mask, cause it real good ! Read more about it below ! 

For ladies who would want to just get it,

Get it at all Watsons and Guardian outlets at $6.50 per box today !

For more  brand information about MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, otherwise for people who wish to try it before you buy it, redeem free samples at SampleStore !

Go and be beautiful~ muck~