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When I was little, okay maybe now too, I always wanted to manage my own cafe, and be my own boss, so that I do not need to see any other bosses attitude and could manage my own time. It will always great to own a shop, however, management might be a real great problem especially planning for manpower and such organisation issue, stocks and many more ! 

You too have the same dream as me? Always wanted to have your own shop? Wanted to be your own boss? But something is stopping you from all these? No fear, PSB Academy could solve your probs within 14 months ! Read on ! 

Some background about PSB Academy:

For 50 years, PSB Academy has been successfully providing students with diverse opportunities to be keen learners. 

PSB Academy’s Certificates and Diplomas are widely recognised by some of the best universities in the world. They lead to advanced standing in various established institutions and are articulated to more than 20 overseas universities including our renowned university partners in Australia and the UK. 

Being awarded 4 years EduTrust Certification, it distinguishes us as a leading provider of quality education, and affirms students of our stability, and our commitment to their learning and welfare

Being real glad that my sister is also studying in PSB for her bachelor for science, and she has told me about PSB being such a great campus, making me wanna study there too ! 

She has mention that the school has complete facilities for all their laboratory to hold experiments with, and being a full-fledge campus, there are many friendly lecturers, which I feel is the most important to me, she also always return home and talking about the jokes that her teacher made and maybe his accent, hahahs. Lastly, making friends, which I guess not only you could do PSB, but is a real important factor too ! hahahahs ! 

My sister having Part-time school in PSB, and having a full-time job, but I guess what makes her really want to go school is to, of course, upgrade herself, and having friends which does the same as her and supporting one another, which makes school life much more enjoyable. 

There are also many CCAs and activities hold by PSB

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Coming back from mars, what I really wanted is like business, and PSB also offer Diploma in Retail Management, which I feel that you could upgrade yourself if you are out from N/O-level or ITE, if you find 3 years of Poly life is way to draggy, as you already have a goal set in mind.

Diploma in Retail Management  (part-time) 

This programme is ideal for individuals who want to equip themselves with comprehensive retail management knowledge to deal effectively with the rapidly changing retail scene. It offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of the ‘whole retail enterprise’ in its competitive situation.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the theory and practical of specific functional management areas
  • Understand how to plan more effectively, solve organisational problems and contribute towards making management decisions
  • Apply specific functional management skills to increase the opportunity and business efficiency in their areas of responsibility.
  • Assume higher levels of responsibility within specific functional management areas as a result of newly acquired/improved skills
Upon successful completion of this programme, graduates can gain entry into our Year 2 degrees from Edinburgh Napier University, UK 

And currently, for their diploma intakes could receive up to 95% funding ! 

  Next intake in Sep 2014

See you there peeps !