Koh Grill and Sushi Bar

Weeks before having some famous and yummy sushi for our to-do yearly thing ! Had really alot of food, we just order like we never eat in decades before! hahahs ! But it's always fun out with these two annoying bros, always bully me together, but real glad that we are still hang out :}

It's always super good to make reservation beforehand, as koh grill and sushi bar is like damn packed during dinner time !  
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Headed out with my two irritating yet "lovable" brothers ! We only meet each other like ermmm.. yearly? But we do have lots of nonsense to talk about. 90% they bullying me, 10% we actually talk about something relating life.

"The i'm so cute pose", director: Tiffany lim *smirk face* hahahs !

Of course, 90% out with them = drinking session, okay, this time round I have to admit that is I wanted to drink some beer~

We ordered real much and since this is like n days ago, I actually totally forget about the price but still having some taste buds memory of these food.

Yummy food just couldn't be forgotten.

This is like the most favourite sushi everrrr ! ITS LIKE CHEESE WITH PRAWN, DOUBLE LOVE ! SO WE ORDERED TWO SET ! HAHAHHS ! One isn't prawn though~ But still yummy !

And a little too hungry but too dumb to order ramen in a sushi house, its like... normal taste compared to their sushi, and freaking full ! But we still ate lots of sushi, without taking pictures, thanks to the two hungry guys, who ate and like "oh~ you wanted to take picture hor?" And I'm like... it's okay, let's just eat. hahahs

I feel that the place is a little way too packed with people and not enough staffs, so we need to wait quite a bit. The food turns out to be real good and its make on the spot with the chef outside and prepare for their customers to see, like any other professional restaurant. And it cost about $40 for each of us, as we order quite a lot of sushi ! hahahs


  1. Address: Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
    Phone:9180 3805

Lastly, still feeling quite blessed with these brothers in my life~~ Although they always bully me, but also kinda always there for me when I'm not happy, but *ahem* I'm being mean and ignore the messages. Hahahs. Still Blessed