Tweekly; Roommate

Anneyong~ I have been watching roommate like for the past few days, watching it from episode 1 and really feel that my time aren’t wasted!

This show actually taught me (or us) a lot of things, some might say that they are fake as there are cameras around, but I feel that feelings can't be fake. The way they care for one another, be there for one another and always solve the issue without much quarrel. It's one of a kind family that we really see.

I honestly feel that my life is like wasted, even watching the programme, I mean, they are like being so hardworking about their work, their life, taking real good care of themselves. And there I'm wasting my life lying on my sofa and be a couch potato.

Sometimes, I feel that I should be even more hardworking, and decided to have a run plus workout with my dad yesterday, which lead me to have some bad muscles ache today. Yes, this is how much I have not exercise :O (Still claim that I'm a netballer but doesn't hang out in the court.)

I really love how they could share their feelings to one another, like it might not be done with our own family. Maybe it's because we are too afraid to tell them, restricting ourselves to even tell them about it. Especially to my parents, although I treat them like friends, but something I just couldn't tell them. I will be afraid that they might scold me? Saying I'm dumb? Or just not interested in what I'm saying.

Not saying that I want to leave my family, but I really hope that I could have a real fun roommate next time if there is a chance. Experiencing living with one another and being as loving as the "roommate".

Real thanks for the show for teaching us so much, really hope this would not have a last episode.

// There will be people who love and hate you. Instead of caring who really hate you, why not put in your best and show to the people who love you and be better than the past.//