Tweekly; how much have I completed?

Hi peeps ! Another Tweekly, because I feel so tired to even start my school work, so here's some updatesss ! Okay, It's already July, more than half a year has over (OMO, SO FAST) And yes, kick in some time to see whether I did some of my 2014 new year resolution, and after all I still have like half a year to complete them. 

So here's my new year resolution, in blue.

1. Stop overslept; yes I got some major problem with me able to wake up.
I actually become soooo much discipline after my IPP, which is internship period ! Say yay ! I guess it's because I slept real early? Like 10pm or 11pm? Which I usually will be still drama-ing or just using my phone, so yes, I didn't overslept at all for these period of time. *clapsss* Hope it continue forever~

2. Try to eat clean.
*ahem* I have to admit that this isn't working out well, BUT I have been staying home and have my dinner, so I guess it won't be as bad as having outside food, but just looking at my blog ( there's still other food posts in my laptop, unpublished.) hahahs.... TRYING ! NEXT

3. Work out + dance.
Just have to credit myself for starting moving my lazy bones for these few months, and I will be doing a vlog on what I decided to work out recently, as for dance, I didn't manage to have a proper one, maybe a crazy one. Like dancing "what'cha doing today" by 4 minutes while brushing my teeth. hahahas
Is that event counted?!

4. Blog with more of like carrying out myself. Like having character in each and every blogpost and not just want to blog and then I have to blog.
Hmmm.... As for this, I couldn't really comment much, but I could feel that I blog in a style now, and I kinda like it. I couldn't like really define what is that StYle, but I just feel that it is my style. hahaahs

Okay, another half a year to go, and this year, perhaps is the most taxing year for me, especially on money~ I gotten so much stuff and real thankful for sponsored post. I used to love comparing with others having soooo much sponsored post, got so recognised, but looking back (just this year) I already recently a few sponsored post, and I should feel glad and work harder for people who still looking at this space despite me not having it update frequently. I'm so sorry for choosing drama over blogging, but stay tuned as I promise I will be doing up a vlog, with my new camera ;)