Super Star K - Korean BBQ

Hi Peeps ! Another Food post ! Always loving food post, because they makes me drool and hopefully you too ! hahahs !

Okay,  so we visited super star K, which a lot of people recommend for its food, no doubt that it taste real fresh and yummy but there is no buffet anymore, which means more holes in my pocket ! hahahs ! 

Also, something that you might want to take note is that they open at 7pm, but they come with first come first serve basic. So~ YOU BETTER GO EARLY AND QUEUE ! 

We did reservation, but we were the last to being serve ._. With freaking three times of asking again and again ._. #seewechildrenandbullyus?!

Anyway, after the super duper long wait, we finally have a seat ! Be real freak that the table is really small for three, as the grilling part took up like 50% of our table?

// Just a pretty picture to start this food journey// (P.S./ With Huiyan judging me and Sally reading it out loud)

With all FREE~ start dishes, the egg looks freaking disgusting but I swear it taste real nice, if i'm not wrong, there's meat inside it too !

And all the side dishes to be inside while wrapping the meat ! The "soup" like sauce is not for drinking, totally not for drinking, because I have tried it. X.X

And more side dishes ! This is real good because usually when we wrap the meat inside the veg, it will only be meat and maybe kimchi. In here, there are many opinions !

kekeke, here come the meat~~ Okay, the meat are real fresh and thick, but the price is not really affordable. If I'm not wrong, a plate of meat is about $20+ ? We actually ordered bacon and beef, which is DAMN NICE BECAUSE ITS SUPER THICK !  

And best part? *smirk*

You don't have to cool it yourself ! They offer to help you cook all your food, so it is an obvious that your cook will be well cooked ! True enough, it is well cooked !

Here's to the people who can eat spicy food:

1st up; bibimbap !

Their bibimbap taste quite spicy but you still could eat it without much harm but NOT continuously ! Perhaps I'm not good with spicy food, but it's really spicy at the same time yummy. So one part of me want to eat it, another part stop me cause it's too spicy !

// Feeling I have matured after eating this // LOL

If you order the bibimbap and they still taste alright, try their soup~ I think it's the stew, not sure which one, but they spices are like FREE. No joke, it's damn spicy especially you drink it one mouth continued by another.


Overall, I still feel that it was worth it ! Even buffet you could stove many meat into your tummy, but it's really unhealthy. Having non-buffet style is like having a diet on non-diet dishes, hahahs, if you get what I mean. Anyway, with these dishes we ate about $40 per person? Its good for a small group like 2 to 3 people but not for large group, as the place isn't big either.



And just cross the road, there is this frozen yogurt name fluffy and there's always space for dessert !

With my elder sister and cousin fen !