Nuffnang lovin' X Superfly Moneky Dragon

Hello my energetic babies ! *muscles up* hahahahs ! Okay, I guess everyone know I used to be a netballer and I always thought my stamina didn't drop so drastically (okay, actually I know,but don't wanna admit), till having 4 days of muscles ache, which means I haven't been exercising much...

And the only thing that allows me to realise this is Parkour ! Yes, I know everyone will be like... parktor or parkour, is parkour, you know those action video where people decided to jump off the building and landed on another ? YES THAT REALLY HAPPENED ! Thanks to Superfly Monkey Drangon

All picture credit to Jasmine , I did edit a little of them ;)

We started with different types of "moving on 4's" , just by doing this, I feel that I'm ready to die #thisshowhowmuchIactuallyexercise... hahahs ! And somehow I always seems the last one to complete it~ But I feel it's really good to do it at home, as my muscles feel the kick !

Jumping alone feel lonely? Then jump together in sync ! Not sure I like to jump or what, but I like this station quite a lot. We have to jump and land like a ninja, so that our knee are not injured !

Parkour is simply working out together and doing cool things together, and building up your muscles are important so we have lots of working out session before the real game *smirk*

Station 1: Climb over the wall;

If you notice carefully, those parkour video have this position and they would climb over easily, but *ahem* it's not as easy as it seems to be O.O Yes, I couldn't climb up this way with my weak arms but could climb up in other ways, the main rule is no knee on the platform.

Station 2: A far standing broad jump;

They say you could use any ways to jump to the platform and of course, I use somewhat like broad jump as the distance is pretty far if you want to challenge yourself.

Station 3: we are all in this together;

My favourite station, because "one for all, all for one". I just love teamwork stuff ! hahahs ! We couldn't talk and we have to cross the stations, helping one another is the key.

Cr: Nuffnang

Station 4: Get your ass over the railing;

We learn different ways to climb over the railing; the lazy way and the easy way. Maybe I always climb over the railing so it seems quite an easy task for me ! Hehes

Before ending this post, see what we have to say, and yes, a tired me is speaking inside this video weirdly O.O ! Click to check it out: *below*

I would have continue the workshop if I could, because its like the most tiring workout ever and its real fun ! My tights ache like crazy, not able to sit and stand properly and walk down the stairs like some penguin, but I didn't regret going for this workshop ! I learn soooo much from Superfly Mokey Dragon!

If you feel like having some trail class, fear not ! SuperFly Monkey Dragon are giving COMPLIMENTARY CLASS !! *clapssss*

1. Book your class and select Nuffnang on the Referral tab when you sign up.

Note to those who sign up:  
-          When you come to class to mention "Tiffany".
-          Offer redeemed on the spot

Last but not least,

All trainers are really friendly and they take good care of each and everyone, plus plus, they are trained in first-aid. So don't worry when you fall or what not ! Just head down and enjoy the class, because I enjoyed it fully with laughter. Real glad to have Jasmine and Kamen with me ! Kekekes