NYP L'rez

This post is kinda a MUST before I graduate from NYP. Finally after saying it for like a year or two, we finally make our way to L'rez ! We have to reserve like a week or two before we could get a slot. All the staffs are students who some are quite polite, while others just looks busy.

The ambience of the restaurant; looking pretty cozy with much dim lights and having a open kitchen. 

Our meal of the day, if I'm not wrong, they change meal on a monthly basis, otherwise is when there are events. For NYP students, it's $10 nett while for public is $12 nett, sound very worth it for a fine dining restaurant. And when the word "fine dining" is used, please do that note that you have to be inside that restaurant for at least an hour.

Starter; Warm Portobello mushroom and asparagus salad.

Okay, maybe much expectation to have salad as it more than 2 asparagus, and 4 cherry tomatoes, but those cherry tomatoes are real nice, as in they are sweet instead of sour. Didn't really enjoy this starter as the portobello are quite dry and oily, even eating it with the green sauce on the dish. 

After we have finished our starter, we waited about 20minutes to get our main dish. I mean, they have take our plates and they shouldn't let us wait for so long, but they main dish is real nice, #everythingisbacktonormal. hahahs

My main dish; Pumpkin coriander and ginger stuffed breast of chicken with natural Jus

I really LOVE this dish ! The mashed potato are truly mashed potato, its like the "poteato" cafe's mashed potato ! With pumpkin inside the breasted meat, it taste real good ! They wrote ginger, but trust me, no taste of ginger is detected.

The pumpkin makes the whole dish feel so refresh, it's a new type of dish I ever tried, and the breast meat is no longer dry but having some smoked skin texture. I like~

Lastly; dessert of the day. Some coconuts, or all coconuts. We waited for like 20minutes? It's really slow serving time.

This coconut is way too much, even the cream and all are coconuts. It looks pretty but doesn't taste right. The biscuit also don't taste nice. Maybe is just my dislike of non-real coconut (because I only like real coconuts).

Hahahs, gotten some shots before we even eat the dessert because I love dessert but came to a disappointment.

Overall, I feel that it's still quite worth it to give it a try, since its not very costly and the atmosphere was rather good, since its spacious which mean you all have a private space. One thing that could be improve will be the waiting time, as after they cleared the dishes, the next dish should be served at about 5 to 10minutes max, not letting the customers to wait for 20minutes.

On the other hand, they only greet you goodbye when you are not a students, lol. This sounds funny but I heard everyone greeting the lecturers "thank you" but not the students. This could be improve too !