Coffee bean and tea leaf bistro

Hello foodies, I'm finally back to this planet and starting with my very first food post ! *eggcited* But a little sad as I didn't took a lot of picture but just some food ! So let's begin !

I ate squid ink pasta (about $26++) for the second time, and I have to say that this is rather a little disappointing, as I would expect the squid ink taste to be a little stronger, rather than having quite a sweet pasta flavour which is caused by the cherry tomatoes, but I still finish it all. LOL. As its the most expensive pasta in the shop, apparently squid ink are expensive. Still prefer Ambush's one~

Usually in western restaurant, steak is the most common dish to order. For Coffee bean, their steaks are about $20? Which is about the price of Hot Tomato. Their steaks are quite alright, just a little to old as their meat is not really juicy, and usually I would recommend "well done" instead of "medium rare" as it will taste better, somehow.

Lastly, what my family ordered, and the lobster linguine might be the most worth it one ! Cause its real good, and no its not truffles fries but normal fries. hahahs !

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There are quite a few outlets, but I had mine at MBS !

Stay tuned to moreeee blog post, and do leave a comment on what type of cuisine u love me to blog ! Eat and still be fit ! kekeke