SPR Market

Thanks to my few months old NXmini having some lens issue, I took this real blur picture, and finally brought it to the "doctor" for some recovery, hoping that its FOC warranty~ LOL #budgetbutitsnecessary

Anyway, been heading down sooo much that purple yet red yet green line, the center of Singapore, the raffles to tanjong pagar line, been heading down for gym and eat.

And this special cafe where you could buy their items on display, yet at the same time order food, however it is quite costly cafe to chill in~ Didn't know there's such cafe !

They are having all-day breakfast and we ordered two set of the breakfast as both of us had some heavy late lunch *opps*

Egg Royale ($17) having two poached eggs, sauteed spinach with garlic, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, lightly buttered brioche. Its bascially a hearty breakfast type with 90% salad. Their poached eggs taste a little overcooked, however the bread under the poached eggs are real soft and good.

Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Omelette ($14), their omelette is a little way too salty, not sure whether the chef forget that he already added some salt in it while making, hahahs. Nonetheless, its flavourful, as there are many ingredients, however, the cheese could be more, like MORE. hahahs

Lastly, their tiramisu which cost only $4, and please bear with this ugly picture. To be honest, I don't have any much intention to blog this, as both the breakfast didn't really make my eyes go wide and with the thoughts of " I NEED TO BLOG THIS" BUT, THIS dessert make me have that thoughts, after having a couple of bites.

Their tiramisu is quite different from the rest, in-between the layers, are actually mousse, any having the little alcohol taste, which is really refreshing taste ! Giving the dessert a 5/5 for the unexpected taste !

My Rating:

 Aesthetic Price Service  Overall 

It's still a good hangout place for some cup of tea/coffee, or even beer. They even have a website !

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

See you again in the next post ! Go and eat delicious food ;)