Colour run #happiest5krun !

Hello happy kids, CAN U SEE THERE IS A DIFFERENT IN MY BANNER ! I getttttt to do the rollover images, and please FEEL SUPER FREE TO CLICK THEM ! Muhahahas ! 

Anyway, been real happy these few days, not super why but I like it anyway~ So sharing one of theeeee happiest 5km run today too ! We all went to colourrun the other day month, and if you see my insta, you could hear me scream, for real. hahahs ! It's real fluffy fun ! So sharing more pictures, and lesser words ya ! #myclique

And afte the blue zone, thanks to the blue nose, other colours seem no diff on my face, omo.


Overall, I'm so glad I spend my $40+ well on colour run, because its real fun and getting every zone with extra laugher ! So going for the next year's colour run.

Till then,