Kims Family Food

Are you always in love with Korea food every single time after you watched dramas? Or just hoping to drink soju/beer with their food~~ Yes, that's totally me. I mean if you follow me on twitter, I will always.... "sigh... Hope I could drink soju now even I don't really enjoy the smell." But that's totally, me~ hahahs

Okay, after quite a few Korean BBQ restaurant, today, this post will be just about the other famous dishes ! And it's kims family food, don't know whether you all hear it before, but its at a quite ulu place I suppose, as my IPP supervisor drove us here (you know this is something special you get from internship; friendship.) kekeke.

And its about... 6pm? Where people started flooding in, they have quite a few staffs only when we go, might be due to weekdays?

Hohoho, and the endless side dishes ! CAN YOU SPOT MY FAVOURITEEEE?! Anyway~ there refill is ENDLESS NUMBER OF TIME, except for the egg !

First up, the beef hotplate, okay, maybe not everyone could eat beef, but their beefs are really soft (even I had braces on for the first month, I could chew it well). It of course taste better than those koufu's korean beef, the sauce is thicker and its real good along with the rice.

Of course, Bibimbap ! Ermmm, somehow dramas have no bibimbap but even I was real young, I went to korea and we also eat this ! Their bibimbap uses the korean chilli paste, which is a little sweet yet spicy and billions of the korean type of sprouts and meat too ! Taste pretty like those in the resturants~

The ultimate seafood tofu stew, nope, its not filter but endless smoke on my phone and I could wait for it too like too cool so a snap and we started nomming ! Hhahs, my bad~ But this stew is super spicy ! Like SOS ! The first mouth was alright and if you continue it just get worse, but its real good to drink it~~ And what's a dinner without soup?

Lastly, the seafood pancake, and just realise we ordered quite a two seafood dishes. Firstly, this is totally not braces-friendly, as it has huge pieces of sotong inside it ! ahahahs ! I was like having some biting issue with this pancake, like a love-hate feeling as the pancake itself taste so good, like QQ but I just can't chew that piece of sotong !!! hahahahs ! Anyway, it's over, I could bite it now~

Overall rating:
All in all, I love the food but I really have no idea how much it cost as my supervisor decided to treat us instead. Also, the staffs could be a little busy and they forget to top up our side dishes when we requested, like twice? The food was good to give it a try, especially the pancakes !

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If you want to hop for a visit:

Business Hours

12:00pm - 03:00pm (Last Order: 2:30pm)
05:30pm - 10:00pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)
* Every 1st and 3rd monday of the month closed.


  1. Kilat Court, 17 Lorong Kilat #01-06, Singapore 598139
    Tel: 6465 0535
  2. 106 Clementi Street 12 #01-44, Singapore 120106
    Tel: 6774 4643
  3. West Coast Community Centre #01-01,
    2 Clementi West Street 2
    Tel: 6775 0023

Copied from the kim's family korean resturant's FB page; I went to the 1st branch ! 

Hope you all have a more delicious time reading this, and to be real honest, I am considering something real big for my food journey after my braces operations and after I fully recover ! Really hope it will be a dream come true !

Till then, eat well !