Tweekly; loving life

So this week's Tweekly, is really a "thought" process, people just bear with my a little more emotional side okay~ *swiping my tears*

Basically, I would really thanks myself for the month of October, I mean it is coming to an end and I really will miss it, but at the same time I feel that my other months will also be better. Reasons why I think I will thanks myself for the future:

1. Braces (its a no doubt) 

I guess everyone ,by now, should know that I had braces for more than 2 months, and a promise of having a vlog every 3 months, so yay, its coming out soon. 

Anyway, I really thank myself for the perseverance I had, when my parents and relatives discourage upon hearing there is a surgery involved. But I guess towards the end, my parents trust me or maybe my doctor and procedure with bringing me to see a dentist and arrange for everything. I had  preserved for like 2 long years, since the age of 17. I guess perseverance do lead to success. 

Having braces and getting my underbite fixed will be the biggest "thank me" I had to my life, I mean, this is a real "YOLO" move, and not smoke or drug that makes it YOLO. Even though I'm scared of the surgery, or just visiting the dentist makes me a little nervous, but the thought of being "normal" is so motivating, I would really clean my teeth just to become "normal" again. 

#okay,maybe I should just move on right? Anyway, any questions about underbite/braces, do leave a comment on this post, it will be answered in the vlog ! 

2. Hitting the gym & getting healthier

I guess this isn't a big move for anyone, but it is for me. I used to be real sporty until I had some knee injury which makes me...melts on my sofa every single afternoon. 

Sincerely thanking healthymetv_sg and ritual giving me a chance to hit the gym again. I wouldn't know that I will be like so addicted to exercise again, and this actually kicks my laziness away. I would look forward to head the gym instead of lazing on my sofa, and thinking I would just spend my weekends/weekdays off here. 

And now having some motivation (thanks to all my friends who thinks that I have loose muscles that need to be toned, LOL). So ya, I will sure to tone them ! Also, I started to drink fruits smoothies instead of coffee, and while~ alcohols are only for happy events right~? kekes.

3. Head out alone

"HUH? YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HEAD OUT ALONE?" you must be having some what reaction about this "head out alone", yes I used to don't really dare to head out alone even I went to popular, I would grab those I need and head back home. Not saying I'm like a home girl, but without any accompany, I would really NOT head out. 

Even events, I would feel sooooo awkward, till I saw a life-saver, which is someone I know. And now, after I'm always heading out alone, I do enjoy my "alone time" not at home, but enjoying the scenery too ! 

Also, I'm no longer an awkward penguin for a conversational starter~  *hurray* In the past, I only talk to the person/people who talk to me fist, hahahs. Not being snobbish or what, but I just don't know how to start first~

4. Having a goal

I guess the "today" me will really thanks my "future" me for having a goal that I'm really interested to work for the future. When I was having my internship, which is march, my colleagues told me to start planning for both works and schools, and that really struck me, as I simply have no plans. 

And slowly, now I'm back to academic sem, I guess I started to have some time to really think about my future job, future school and stuffs like this :).


All in all, I really enjoying every single bites of my life, thus, *ahem* a little neglect this platform. But I'm back on track already, as this blog serves as a planet that I would thanks for using my heart and soul for myself and my readers.


Have you done something today to make your future self to thank you for? For example, saving up money instead of buying a clothes ? maybe to work up a part-time job for an extra vacation? Or simply, attend a course that might really help your future. Think about what you could thanks yourself for, have a *pat-on-your-back*


P.S/ I don't know why I suddenly love to use, "till then"... But~  

Till then,