Seoul Yummy

I KNOW ! I am a little addicted to Korea food ! hahahas ! Just one last one before jumping to another type of cuisine~~ But give me some time, as I'm in year 3 = endless projects = no time ! hahahs !

Anyway, if you get to SEE my insta, this is probably like 2 months ago stuff? Where my mum and I went to Novena and decided to eat seoulyummy as it has some promotion. Like what we ordered is only $48? If I didn't remember wrongly !

A pretty spacial place, with the looking cool wires, which people could hang their love locks ! I think you could buy from the counter for like $2?

This is the options for the set of $48.90 ! We chosen the army's stew with assorted meat !

Firstly, our starter dish, potato pancake ! It taste quite alright, like normal pancake to be real frank. hahahhs ! I just in love with the stew ! hahahs ! This is like a must to dip with the sauce as it gives you more of the taste, since the pancake with potato doesn't taste real strong.

MY favourite ! Usually when watching K-drama, this is like a must have ! And you know I watched WGM; for seohyun one, they ate this ! hahahs ! And this is like the first ever meaty meal I bite with my braces teeth ! *opps, I just realise I haven't bite my teeth* hahahahs

The soup taste like miso soup with lots of ingredients !

Together with the rice cake and the maggie ! SHIOK ! But just to take note, the rice cake you might want to eat it before it soak for too long and become like... soggy? When its soaked awhile, take it out first, and it will still be QQ. And its really a full meal for me and my mum ! I mean, I do eat a lot leh ! hahahs ! Also, the spiciness level was alright to begin with and towards the bottom is a little spicy, you could ask the stuff to add a bit more spices in it !

Lastly, the dessert which I love the most, macha ice creammm ! I didn't really eat the red beans, but it feel like ice kachang at the bottom !

All in all, I would rate it like an 7.5/10. Their service was quite okay, until they were really packed and they started to forget your additional orders (like asking for drinks). The ambition was good too ! Not much people until 730 which the queue started to form.

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If you want to hop for a visit:
Square 2

10, Sinaran Drive, #03-68,
S (307508)
Reservation number: 6397 6939

Opening hours: Mon - Sun ( 11.30am to 10pm)