Just an update !

Hi peeps ! This is for people who keeping a look out at my blog and I didn't really want my blog to be so dead, as reports after reports is tying me to stick to my reports whenever I switch on my laptop.

= 8% =

Hahahs, my laptop battery is 8% and I shall type a fast one.


Number 1 ! I'm updating on this friday for a long good post before I start my good weekends !

Number 2 ! I would vlog my braces journey on this coming weekends, and post it up on next week !

Number 3 ! I changing my sleeping routine like having sleep on 10pm to 3am and up for the rest of the day and hopefully I survive, so actually~~ I'm kinda tired now ! hahahs !

Okay, so that's all before my laptop telling me to shut down but actually, it could last for half an hour because..... IT'S MACBOOK ! YUPP MY NEW LOVER ! KEKEK

Lastly, goodbye lovers. mucks !