Tweekly; Success

Okay, to be real honest, my good long post might not turn out to be that good long post. Because I actually have an idea for blogging, but waking up and remembering it, is another issue.

So~~~ I shall have another impromptu Tweekly !

What is success actually, how do we actually define success?

For some, it might be having good grades (for students like us now), but for some is the contribution you did to the society even at a young again. Most adults might believe that success would be having a pocketful of money which allow them to retire without worries, yet for a handful, it would be getting stuffs that you could afford whenever you have money.

So what is actually success? We all have our own different successful paths that we believe we would love to walk when we are old... And just to share my thoughts of being successful~ (#IfinallyrememberwhatIwantedtoblogabout)

As of now, I believe that success would be living off myself, and not my parents. I might have more of an independent mindset, but still heavily relay on my parents. I actually envy Americans who would move out of house at the age of 18, and start their new adulthood. But in Singapore, how could we not stay with our parents until we got married or at an age of 35 or rich enough to rent a condo?

Also, having the mindset to get prepared for a full-time job and a part-time studying after I graduate is actually killing me inside out and outside in. I was sending in my applications for bonds pretty badly and hoping to receive one, but so sorry, I'm not into MINDEF. Not because of them but me, I couldn't run or anything like now. hahahs. Anyway, ya, I believe I would be successful for today if I freaking get a bond or saving up for my uni and grad trips.

And I wanted to blog about what I thought of.. Okay, so I actually attended this achieving success in work and life, my school extra module, which is totally a waste of my time. The psychologist was like saying," Ya, U all should pursue what you think you would want in the future. And everything might change."

After which, he started to give us examples of people switch jobs, for example, doctors to professional juggles, and he started laughing at them. I mean, look you should respect their decision, maybe, that's what they feel its successful. Having no worries, and able to make people happy?

It is their life, they make their own decision, yes, you could laugh but not when you are telling a group of juniors or younger generation? Also, I really believe that we control our own life, I mean fate is somehow quite important sometimes too.

Conclusion; you decide what you want your life to be, and not also hear from others.

#1200, its alright right? hahahahs

Till then, Tiffany.