Tweekly; 3rd month of braces

Hi peopleeee ! I finally have a little time to blog about my teeeeeth ! As I promised I will do a vlog every three months and I really did vlog last week #realproudofmyself, as time now is real little for me :(

Anyway, some pictures about my teeth before I move on to other blog topics. My teeth shift really fast like what I said in the video, you all could compare it to my previous Vlog, or this picture:


Opps for the food stuck on my teeth *cover eyes* but it really shift a lot right ! Like it's a U shape instead of a V, and its so much neater !

And because my underbite keep shifting out, you could see the extra meaty party under my lips, even I cover my mouth. And it looks so bad :(

Anyway, that's all about this post, dooooo what my vlog and leave positive comments ! Thanks in advance and enjoy your weekends !