Happy MehMeh year !

Hello people, I hope you guys are still sticking around with me in this small little space I have here. Well, to start... I'M OFFICIALLY- UNOFFICIALLY ENDED MY POLY LIFE ! Put your hands up ! Hahahas. Yes I'm that that happy because there's no need to even study !.... until July~ Haven't really apply for Uni because I'm that fickler-minded. 

The lim family wish everyone a good yang year ! And we went to bali in chu 2 so stay tuned ya after I sort out the 100000000 pictures, hahahs ! Okay, not that many cause mostly underwater so no spams ! 

As usual, our chu 1 = stay home with pretty clothes and makeup, hahahs ! Yupp, this is how boring our chinese new year is each and every year, especially after my ah ma passed away, the atmosphere of new year = 0.

Cute yet retarded siblings cause we are just that that bored ! hahahs ! My dress is from editor's market !

With a weird heads down, byeeeee ! Am trying to upload more blog post and my 3-month braces affair~~ kekekes ! Stay tuned !