Tweekly: Independent

Hello people, I'm back with Tweekly. Not sure do anyone missed this column as much as I do, because it’s the only platform that I could really voice out my thoughts. I wanted to do a vlog, but I feel that I might be talking a little too much on those weird logic, so I guess typing is alright. (Perhaps the next Tweekly)

Okay, yes today's topic is Independent. I actually shared to my friends many times on, how I'm being forced to be independent. Thanks to my parents, but somehow I didn't really hate them for that. Since young, they have taught us how to be independent, and I'm grateful for that, really. Because sometimes, I see how my friends are so financially dependent on their parents, I feel that, my parents really taught us right. 

Since young, we always head to their store and see how hard they work, especially my dad. Then, my parents own a store at the void deck, totally no air-con, and near the hot sun, almost everyday because it’s Singapore. My dad help people to fix their shoes, like those elderly who always under the block, yes, that's dad then. We hardly see our parents often, because they are always working hard for us, and they started owning a shop since 1995, yes the year I was born. So ever since young, we don't get to see our parents more than 10hours a week, we only see them when.... they drive home, and before we head to bed. So I guess that when we become more independent and somehow aware of money, how important it is. (P.s/ just a side track, my maid used to bribe us with money to buy food, so she can call on the phone, hahas)

As we grow older, like sec 2, my parents will tell us to work for them. I worked for them like 6 days a week, taking care of a small store, with meals provided, and getting paid after 2 months. Sounds like a good deal uh? Yes, a good deal for my parents and not me. Because after that 2 months, they paid me and said, "Okay, now u start earning, you need to pay for your own textbooks. Also, CNY you should give ah ma and parents some money." Yes, this is where all the con artist appears in my life. I ended up with nothing much, but now I think back, I'm actually quite grateful how they teach us to give back, when we  are always receive our allowances. So yes, till today, we always give my parents some "allowance" before CNY. Some of my friends always feel I'm dumb, and find it weird, but this is how we grow up as an independent adult.

Currently, I'm wearing braces and my parents paid for almost everything, including the monthly bill which I promised to pay but unable due to my itchy mouth that kept on eating :( But I actually calculated the sum and deposit it inside my bank. I planned my future's financial ability, cause I don't want to rely on my parents that much, since I'm the youngest and obviously when I could become financially independent, they can retire earlier. Having a plan to pay off my surgery, and I had to pay for my uni fee which comes to a point where my friends will ask.

"Why don't study full-time uni?"

Answer is simply, because I can't, and won't want to. Firstly, I couldn't get into NUS, NTU or maybe SMU, which is why I couldn't tell my parents to pay for my university, because I could pay for my own if my sisters can. I mean, everyone has been telling me, "it's your last school life, you should enjoy." You know what, I want to enjoy it too, I want to have fun and just study which doesn't even need to stress myself out so much. But my parents already pushed both my sisters to fly; I couldn't find a reason not to fly too, when they could at my age then. 

I finding positive reasons of why I need to be independent, like "Oh, because I believe working hard now, I could enjoy life so much more later." Also, telling myself it will be worth it, because it’s not life becoming easier, but I become stronger. Who would want to be so mature at a young age when you could have fun? Who would want financially tied up when you could actually open that golden mouth and ask your parents? Now I have to say that after 20 years, my parents are in the middle-income group, and of course they could support us to study university. But, I guess they want us to grow independent and be better than others. Now, I'm not saying those who always get money from their parents are useless, but its different family education. My parents will never give us pocket money during holidays; if you want money, earn it. They drill it into us, and this is how we grow. 

Yes, some people would say, your parents who give birth to you should be responsible for all expense, and when they aged you do the same thing. But I beg to diff. How many parents actually would really receive back what they give? They will treat you 100%, but when you pay back, it will only be 50%, because you will have your own family then. You will have another responsibility to carry. Why not give back when you could, when you could fly on your own? Must you really need to wait for a certain age, till you really could fly, could form another family then you pay back?